Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still not quite to the finish line... an update from Tonya

Tyler had a doctor's appointment in Lubbock yesterday, and got to see his main burn doctor (Dr. Griswald). Tyler was hoping to just be able to have one more scar release surgery to give him the full range of motion that he needs with his arm, but Dr. Griswald is not ready to do that just yet. We will go back to Lubbock next Wednesday, and he is going to have an outpatient procedure done. They are going to put him to sleep and do very aggressive therapy on his shoulder and elbow joints, in hopes to break up the scar tissue that has formed in there. They are also going to do cortizone injections all around his shoulder joint and elbow. His doctor is hopeful that this will be effective. After 6 weeks, he will reevaluate and decide what should be done next. Tyler is very frustrated and is worried that he is just wasting more time. He is beginning to get some feeling back in his right foot, but he still has excrutiating pain in it at times. We are quickly approaching the year mark of the accident, but prayers are still needed. Please pray for the restoration of Tylers shoulder and elbow so that he may resume the activities that he loves to do, and for the pain in his foot to subside and the feeling to return completely. We just want to thank everyone for the continued concern and constant prayers that have pulled us through day after day. Words cannot express how thankful and blessed we are to have the support of such wonderful friends. May God bless each and every one of you!