Saturday, May 31, 2008


TYLER: Tyler was able to get up take a step and move around a little today. His fever has come down a little. They are taking it as a good sign and they are planning on going ahead with the next skin graft Monday.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Day Twelve and Counting for Tyler

TYLER: Kelly brought the girls up to Lubbock tonight to give Tonya some time with her kids. So, it is good that they are all together this weekend. Kelly went in to see Tyler and though he had been down with a high fever all day and mostly unresponsive, he did smile when she started talking about the kids. She told Tyler that the girls love him and that they love her too. She told them how spoiled they are now.
She told him that the kids had been riding skateboards down her hill and now they all want one for Christmas. She also told him about the kids "accidentally" getting pushed in the pool with their clothes on. And the whole Thompson Kid Clan went out for a big school-is-out treat---Allsups burritos for everyone!

I know Tyler loved hearing about the kids.

TREY: Trey is back in Munday and was spotted at the nursing home visiting his grandmother this afternoon. Everyone is talking about what a miracle he is...

TYLER: Honestly, this infection is wearing him out. I don't think he communicated much today with anyone. They are a bit concerned. Instead of being able to focus on 3rd degree burns and broken bones, they are fighting this illness that they can't locate. Cindy said they are tired and that they know that only God's strength has carried them this far and only God's strength will get them through it. I sounds like this is really hard. For so long they seemed to get at least a little good news to counter the bad. Now, they are just waiting...

Cindy expressed admiration for her amazingly strong daughter-in-laws. All three have been champs this whole time.

She also said,"However you can, I don't know how you can express it though, say how much everything everybody has done for us means. I just don't think there are words to say what it means...what they've done for us."

Pray for God's Strength in Tyler's body...Lord, let there be good news tomorrow...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


CINDY: Cindy talked to Wes tonight and they are just tired. I am sure the crowd has thinned out and the days may feel a bit longer. Knowing that Tyler still has a long road ahead has to be somewhat daunting...

TYLER: They haven't located the infection yet but they are thinking it might be his leg. Two compound fractures and lots of plates, pins and bars would make his leg a logical hide-out for germs. They will probably have to re-open the leg to find out... (sigh)

(side note) We all know that there is an end to this "wandering in the wilderness". I believe that God has provided them with "manna" each day (phone calls, visits, encouragement and all sorts of provisions.) Maybe some of us figure they are tired of all the ruckus. well I am sure they are tired but not tired of love and support. I believe the support given by everyone is an extension of the Grace of God. They still need us praying, calling, and doing whatever it takes. They still need the people of our community, to "hold their arms up". Remember God promises not to give us more than we can bear. PRAY that God will send His people to help sustain them in this "desert" of waiting. God will lead them through this and continue to show them His faithfulness and someday soon, they will cross over and out of this difficult time in their lives... We just gotta hold on.

TREY: Trey is doing better. Cindy said he stayed at the house in Lubbock with Ronda. Its good that he was able to get away from the hospital for a while. Trey, I must say that the pictures we posted last night shocked us--we are so glad that you still look like Trey! Those photos put some of our wild imaginations at rest. You look great--you are still just as handsome as always...lot's of folks said so...

God is good.

good report

Cindy just called and Tyler is a little better this morning. He was talking and had had a little physical therapy. The really good news is the cat scan showed Tyler has a sinus infection. They said they could treat that so we're praying there is no other infection.

Keith & Lisa Cypert, Eric Hager, Justin Yates, A.P. Jones, Jason Bowman and Seth Kuehler and others were all at the hospital and happy to see Tyler talking.

Seth told Cindy that he was so sorry but the horses got out and made holes in the yard and she told him she might have been upset about that a few weeks ago but today it really isn't a big concern.

Cindy ask that we pray for a speedy healing for Tyler. God did it for Trey, He can do it for Tyler.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks Steph! Pictures of TREY from this last week and a half.

The first time Trey "goes home"

I just talked to Cindy and they had just come out of ICU visiting with Tyler. She said they had finally cleaned him up from the surgery so they were late going in. Todd and Tonya went in first and Tyler talked a lot. She said he was tired when she and Larry went in and didn't say too much. They came out and Trey went in and he talked to Trey and told him the pain on his leg where they took the skin for the graft hurt really bad. The Drs. had warned Tonya that it would be painful. Tyler told Trey that he thought Trey got the best end of the deal. At least he still has his sense of humor although he probably wasn't kidding. They will not have the results of the Cat Scan until tomorrow. Cindy said Tyler's temperature was 101.8 when they were in there.
DON'T STOP PRAYING!!! Tyler will have another skin graft next Monday.

TREY was dismissed from the hospital late today. He will stay in Lubbock for Drs. Appointments on Thursday and Friday.

Two Steps forward-one back: CALL TO PRAYER

TYLER : Tyler is scheduled for a CAT scan at 2 pm. They have not been able to locate the infection and they need to find it. Cindy called Wilma who called me...
  • PRAY for the doctors. Pray that they will pin-point the cause of the infection.
  • PRAY for Tyler. This is PAINFUL, UNCOMFORTABLE, and FRUSTRATING. He wants something to drink but can't have anything. He has had a feeding tube and a respirator on and can't stand it.
  • PRAY for Tonya, Cindy and all the rest. They are still in the middle of a HARD BATTLE. They have a long way to go. They are weary. It is time FOR US to step in again and pray for God to sustain them.
  • FAST if you can until the infection is found.
This is a roller-coaster for all of us--especially the family...
Especially the two boys...

We must not stop praying.

1 Thes. 5:17 "Pray without ceasing..."

side note: Kelly said to me yesterday that it has been an eye-opening experience for them. Just think, there are hundreds of people who are in this same circumstance everyday and we never think about it. It makes us thankful for our health and family and it should remind us to pray for others--especially strangers. Who knows? Maybe they don't have thousands praying for them. They may not have one.

Quarter Horse Magazine & Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Champion WRCA Ranch Rodeo Team Members Injured in Crash
Written by QHNStaff
Brothers Trey and Tyler Thompson of the Thompson Ranch (recent competitors at the Denver Championship WRCA Ranch Rodeo) were gravely injured May 18 in a collision with an 18-wheeler.
Their friend, Keith Cypert, a junior at Munday (Texas) high school, was also injured, but has been treated and released from the hospital; he is credited with saving both Thompsons’ lives by pulling them from the burning wreckage. Both Thompson brothers have undergone extensive surgeries since the accident, with more planned in the future to complete skin grafts and bone repairs. The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo extends heartfelt sympathy to Trey, Tyler and Keith.

To assist the Thompsons and Keith with medical and living expenses during their recoveries, the four WRCA Ranch Rodeos in Colorado are sponsoring a benefit auction at the annual WRCA “Ride for the Brand” Ranch Rodeo in Colorado Springs. The auction will take place at the pre-rodeo VIP dinner on July 4; the sponsoring WRCA ranch rodeos are the Colorado (Hugo), Denver, and Vail/Eagle Valley Championships, plus the “Ride for the Brand Rodeo.”

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo will manage the auction contributions and has set up a special account through the RMHE Web site to accommodate auction item donations as well as ongoing monetary contributions. For more information and to contribute, contact thomsponranchdonations(AT) or call 303- 292-4981. To follow Trey and Tyler’s recovery progress, visit

RMHE Auction Link
RMHE Article
Quarter Horse News Article

ht: robyn redder

WEDNESDAY UPDATE 05/28/08: Trey going home, Tyler's 1st skin surgery a success

After a final check-up with the Doctor, Trey will be going home. They believe the allergic reaction is under control even though he continues to itch.

Tyler's first skin graft was a success. They are trying to remove the breathing machine from him and he is still sedated. Thank you, thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Night...I just talked to Cindy on the phone and she ask me to give a report.

The surgery on Tyler lasted 4 hours. They finally got to go in to see him about 6:00 P.M. The skin graft covered the right arm up to the top of the shoulder. It was a very bad burn. They took 6 strips from his thigh and they had a little left over to keep in a bank for the next round. They were trying to get the respirator out again. He had not really awaken from the surgery when they went in to see him. His temperature was down to 99.9. Praise the Lord.

Trey is still in the hospital and is still itching. They are not sure which meds have caused the reaction so they have taken him off of 3 different ones.

Little Trevor got to come up today to see his Mommy and the rest of the family. They all enjoyed seeing him.

Cindy did say they had more peace today than yesterday and she believed it was due to the fasting and praying and to please thank everyone for their prayers and for their commitment to fast and pray.

CHOCOLATE MILK!? Tyler is doing better.....still in surgery.

Around 8AM Tyler's temperature was back to 'normal' prior to going in for his first real skin graft on his arm. The doctors said it would take 2-4 hours. Tyler got a sponge full of water in response to his request for 'chocolate milk'. 'Where have ya'll been?' was another comment he made, to which everyone said 'here for the last eight days'.

I talked with Larry at 11:30AM and Tyler was still in surgery.

(Many at the hospital have been impressed by a little book 'Three Good Men' that 8 year old Kristin Kuehler wrote for Trey, Tyler and Keith. 96 stables hold the story together. More on that later...)

Also, Trey seems to be doing better after a scary reaction to his pain medicine, yesterday.


Monday, May 26, 2008


TYLER'S TEMP DROPPED A BIT BUT KEEP PRAYING! They are still scheduled for surgery in the morning.

Trey has been admitted due to an allergic reaction... Keep it up!!

Let's join our hearts in fasting and prayer on TUESDAY

So many people have asked what they can do to help Trey and Tyler. We've all been praying but I was reminded this weekend of a powerful tool for petitioning God -- fasting. James 4:8 says "draw near to God and he'll draw near to you." In Nehemiah 1:4-11 we are encouraged to fast, intercede and pray for others. As Trey has re-entered the hospital and Tyler's fever has arisen to worrisome levels, I'd like to encourage everyone to join me in fasting and prayer tomorrow. Fasting is a way to express the earnestness and urgency of our prayers and really focus on our dependency on God for the healing of restoration of Trey and Tyler. Fasting can look many ways...fasting one meal, two meals, one day, water only, juice only, etc. I encourage you to pray about how you can personally fast and intercede for our friends. I truly believe God will hear the cries of his people.


TYLER's temp is 106.6.

TREY'S blood pressure is extremely high and he is back in the hospital (The ER). Trey is having a bad reaction to a medicine.


Monday update from Cindy

Last night, Tyler, most likely, had an allergic reaction to fentanyl (a chronic pain medicine). Once they switched pain meds Tyler's temperature came back down and stabilized. But, for a while his temperature was over 105.

Tuesday morning, Tyler is being 'scheduled' for surgery, to have his right arm skin grafted. They will remove skin from his leg and 'graft' it to his arm. This is quite a long and painful process. Pray that he will get rest tonight, be pain free and have a successful surgery, in the morning.

Trey is doing good. His eyes are healing up good. He and Ronda are at the Burn ICU waiting room, visiting. He will stay in Lubbock until his appointment on Thursday/Friday. Meanwhile, they are concerned about Tyler. Also, pray for Trey to get some rest.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Letter from a First Responder

Everyone knows the Thompsons and Keith. Many, many people have been blessed just knowing them. These people never hesitate to help others. Interestingly, these folks had just spent weeks helping the Fire Department organize and execute a ranch rodeo to raise funds. Keep in mind these funds are used to update equipment and maintain rescue resources. Because of their input and knowledge, the fund-raiser was a smashing success. Little did we know that these resources would soon be needed to aid the very ones who had given so much to us.

It's a typical Sunday afternoon when the pager sounds and alerts us of a 10-50 at the intersection of 2534 and 267. I am within a few feet of my vehicle and I have a habit of responding straight to the scene in my vehicle to assess the scene. As an emergency responder. many thoughts are coursing through my head, prayers are going out for the occupants with the hope that it is another minor accident. As I top Michlik's Hill, my thought was 'Oh My God!'. I radioed back to bring all available resources. As I pull up on scene and realize that it is Trey, Tyler and Keith. Doing what is generally routine for us became an overwhelming task...on the verge of inability to function, but with the help of God able to press on.

My response to the scene was quick. Quicker than the law would like. Even then, both vehicles were fully engulfed. At that point, no one could have been removed from the wreckage. It would have been too late.

"Greater love has no man than this: that he lays down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Keith, we can all learn from your love for Tyler and Trey. I've watched you grow up under the Godly influence of these two men. There just is no tribute to Trey and Tyler greater than the fact that you were willing to lay down your life for them.
Deuteronomy 31:6 tells u, 'Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord you God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.' Keith...God worked through you on Sunday afternoon. He used you as an extension of Himself. He gave you the strength and courage to 'COWBOY UP' to save these two lives He created.

Keith, you are not only a hero in my eyes, but in God's as well. Imagine for a moment what would have been if you had not done what you did. In the blink of an eye:
Parents suddenly without two sons...
Wives without husbands...
Seven children without daddys...

Keith, I want to personally thank you for what you did. I know Tyler and Duck thank you. The Munday Fire Department thanks you and the Knox City EMS thanks you.

Though we are all trained professionals, we unfortunately have some selfishness in us. There are some things we don't want to do and some things we just don't want to see. But, because of your heroic actions, we were able to help the people YOU rescued instead of performing the gruesome task of recovery.

My prayer all week long has been that Trey, Tyler, Keith, and Corey recover physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Bill Myers

Another Good Report

TREY: I just talked to Cindy and she said Trey was dismissed from the hospital a little while ago. He went in to see Tyler and Tyler tried to sit up and reach out to Trey. Cindy said it was pretty emotional. Trey will stay in Lubbock to be there for Tyler's surgery on Tuesday and Drs. appointments on Thursday and Friday.

TYLER: When Tonya went in to see Tyler today he opened his eyes said, "I love you." The best words she could ever hear. Then when Larry and Cindy went in, the same thing happened. He opened his eyes and said, "I love you." Cindy asks us to pray against the pain that the Drs. and nurses predict is ahead for Tyler and to pray for God's hand to sustain him.

Eph. 3:20 "Now all glory to God, who is able through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Please pray that God will take away the pain and also that there will not have to be as much skin grafting as expected nor as much pain as is common.

Trey on his way...UPDATED

Trey is coming home today! They initially told them that it would be weeks but because God is MIGHTY, they were wrong. Ronda will be taking care of Trey's burns and everything else. Pray for her as she becomes his round the clock nurse. The girls got to see him yesterday. Please pray for a smooth transition, fast healing, comfort and that God will take away the pain. We believe that God will prove faithful and powerful in Trey's healing. Praise God for all the miracles He has worked this week. Just got word that Trey's coming home has been postponed, temporarily. He will leave the hospital but stay in Lubbock, get a checkup on Thursday and possibly head home Friday.

TYLER: Tyler has been able to rally. Tonya was able to talk to him a little last night and this morning. He is still in the ICU burn unit and has had to battle infection. We don't need to go into all the details about infections and fevers, we just need to press in. We need to knock on the door of heaven and keep knocking on Tyler's behalf. PRAY THAT GOD WILL FIGHT FOR TYLER AND DELIVER HIM. PRAY AGAINST FEAR. PRAY AGAINST INFECTION. LORD WE NEED YOU TO MOVE IN JESUS NAME! PRAY SAINTS!

Trevor was in church this morning and seems to be doing great.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Perry's update on Tyler

They removed the breathing tube at 5:50PM and Tyler was slowly breathing on his own. Visitation was over at 6PM but they allowed Tonya to stay another 30 minutes to be with him to help make Tyler more comfortable. Hopefully, at 9PM (the next visiting hour) Tyler will be more alert. Keep praying.

Saturday Chat with Tonya

I was so happy to pick up the phone and hear Tonya's voice! She says that they are planning on taking Tyler's breathing tube out around 2pm. He has had a bit of fever up to about 103 but now it's back down to around 99. They have him on two kinds antibiotics. They are for sure doing the skin graft on his arm on Tuesday morning at 7am. Tonya is thrilled because they have the head of the burn and chief of surgery both working on Tyler. She was about to go into Tyler's room. She gets to take one other person and be there when he wakes. She is really hoping to talk to him... Please pray for peace for Tyler...

I asked her about Trevor and she said that a hospital is not a place for a baby with a breathing problem. She is totally confident in her friend Tessa to take care of him. Ann and Kay-Kay are helping with Trevor this weekend as well.

Tyler will turn a major corner today... In Jesus Name!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Ronda is so encouraged by Trey's progress and says that he has been walking up and down the hall. She especially wanted me to convey how grateful she is to all of you who have been praying, tending to their business, animals, property, etc... But, especially those of you who are helping with the kids and their meals. She said that this outpouring of support is very humbling and that she can't begin to say "thank you" enough.

A couple of days ago Cindy asked you to pray for a young man who had serious head injuries and a bad prognosis. He is now out of ICU and in his own room as well. See the power of prayer and the hand of God!

Many of you know the sisters, Leslie and Laura Franklin from Munday. Well, Leslie has visited the Thompsons recently at the hospital and she wants us to pray for Dakota Carol. He is a 15 year old at Snyder High School. He has Hodgkin's disease and this is his second battle with cancer. He is going through chemo again and will go to Cooks next week. He is having a hard time. He is an outstanding baseball player for the Snyder high school team. Dakota is the son of Marty who is the daughter of Laura Franklin Powell. Please pray for the whole family.

Friday Update

KELLY AND THE KIDS: Kelly says the girls are all doing good, in fact, they are having a blast with Aunt Kelly. They are being so spoiled by everyone that they may have a hard time going back to normal!

I just got off the phone with Cindy with another good report on Trey...

TREY: Trey was moved into a room last night and when they got to the hospital this morning he was standing outside the door. He is alert and has even been talking on the phone. Praise God!

TYLER: Tyler did not have his skin graft surgery yesterday. When they took the pig skin off they said the dead skin had not peeled off and the graft would not hold on the old skin. They do not think they will do the skin graft surgery until Monday. They are continuing to keep him sedated. The Thompson's continue to thank everyone for their prayers and ask that we don't stop. Pray that new skin will grow on Tyler. God is our maker and He is able to create skin.

Ps. 139: 13-16 "For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in my mother's womb, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

Thursday, May 22, 2008


When Cindy and Larry arrived at the hospital this morning, Trey was sitting up in a chair drinking broth and water! He was talking and asking questions about what had happened, how everyone was doing and so on... They are starting to reduce his fluids and if he can drink enough, they are thinking about taking him off of the IV. The head of the burn unit, one of Cindy and Larry's friends, says that she will let Trey go visit Tyler in the burn unit if he is strong enough.
BTW, Trey also sustained second degree burns on his head but because the burn unit was full he was sent to regular ICU.

TYLER: They are starting skin graft surgery on his arm around noon. They warned Tonya that the area where they harvest the skin to use for the grafts will hurt just as bad as the burned areas because they have to cut down to the nerve.
Tyler burned one hand, probably from trying to pat out the fire on his arm and chest.
They would like to take Tyler off of the vent, but because he tends to put up a fight when he starts to wake up, they have to keep him under. The nurses say that this is very very common.
Cindy wants us to BIND THE SPIRIT OF FEAR for Tyler. She says that they want one of the family members to be there next time he wakes and that maybe it will help. They can't remove the vent until Tyler is calm. Tyler still doesn't really know what is going on or where he is.

When someone told Trey that Tyler was giving the nurses heck, Trey laughed and said, "That's Tyler."

Keep praying, you are all such a blessing to this family...

"How beautiful is the body of Christ"


Ann Ogle – Ogle Harvesting Pratt, Kansas:

I appreciated so much your adding the note to ‘Pray for Keith, too’. Your pointing out “...the collateral damage-the emotional and psychological repercussions …..” was insightful and important, as this young hero, and others involved certainly needed to be included in the many prayers going heavenward.

However, there are two others needing Divine comfort, strength and peace that have not been mentioned. The young driver of the semi and his crew owner, I’m sure, has been devastated by what happened. So I’m asking the good folks of Munday, Texas and the many friends and relatives of the Thompson family to include them in your prayers. Knowing Cindy and Larry and their sons, I know they would agree.

For about 25 years, we harvested Thompson’s wheat. We grew to know and love this family in that capacity. Because of that position, we can know the hearts and minds of the truck driver and crew owner, and realize how and what they are feeling. Custom harvesters live with the fear and concern of accidents and danger from the time they leave home on summer harvest till the fall crops are in. This, because of the number of vehicles necessary, the number of miles traveled and the amount of machinery needed to do the work.

Thank you and Believers Chapel for this wonderful service you are providing on behalf of the Trey and Tyler and their families.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GOOD NEWS!!! Report from Ronda on Trey.

Ronda called me just now and she was so excited! The doctor came out of the operating room just beaming! He said that they put 8 plates and 28 screws in Trey's face and it looks like there may be no need for further surgeries. Ronda was outside calling me and I could tell she was about to jump up and down. She is so thankful to God because He is so faithful!

Also, the first doctor told them that Trey would lose his sense of smell and taste for good. We all agree with Ronda that that is not the case. We are believing in a full recovery of every cell, form and function. She is so grateful and says that your thoughts and prayers are carrying them. Keep praying, she says.

In addition, there was some rumors that Trey's teeth were knocked out. Ronda says that they are loose but still intact. Pray to the "Ultimate Orthodontist" that Trey's charming smile will be just great! God is so good!

Wednesday Report from Cindy

TREY: At 11:30 they were taking Trey in for surgery. They changed doctors and somehow got the head of the ENT department (I guess the facial reconstruction surgeons) to do Trey's operation. Cindy seemed encouraged by that... They are hoping to fix it all at once. Maybe they won't have to more than this one. but... that is all dependent on what happens today.

TYLER: Tyler is breathing some on his own. He has come out of sedation a little. Tyler has not been conscious since the wreck so this is a big shock to him in every way. They are doing an X-ray on him to check for bleeding. There was a little blood in his urine and they think it might have been caused by the catheter but they want to be sure.(UPDATE:X-RAY IS FINE!)

Cindy is overwhelmed and very touched by the out-pouring of prayer, love, and support that they have received. She really wants you all to know that you all have blessed them so much. She is so grateful and so is all the Thompson family. Please keep on praying hard.

Also, they have befriended a family here who is there with a 22 year old named Arron Vancleave. Arron has severe head injuries and the prognosis is grim... Anyway, Cindy wants us all to pray for Arron because they will operate tomorrow. Let's Pray hard for Arron and his family!

Another thing that both Cindy and Larry mentioned... The people around the hospital are boggled by the support being given to the Thompsons. Larry joked, "They are like, 'Who are you? Presidents of the world?!!" They can't help but notice that most people in ICU who are in similar or worst circumstances don't have the support they have. We are so blessed to be (1) a part of the body of Christ and (2) blessed to be a part of such a close-knit small town community with strong ties that stretch around the globe.

I also talked to Ronda. She sounds so strong and she said that she can't even begin to tell all the little miracles that they have witnessed since this ordeal began. She is hoping that all goes well and that they are back home really really soon so that she can tell us all about it! Heather Waters is there with her today...

Wilma's Report

I returned from Lubbock last evening late and wanted to give a good report.

The entire Thompson family is so overwhelmed with the love, support and especially the prayers that they are receiving. The hospital waiting room is covered up with food, bushel baskets of food, fruit baskets, cookie bouquets, boxes of home made cookies...(and I certainly enjoyed some of it.) There are cowboys everywhere and friends who have flown in from all over the state. They even have friends who work at the hospital who are always coming by to answer questions. The hospital staff has been amazing. They even provided formula and diapers for little Trevor. Donald Edrington who lives in the Metroplex had his computer and we all passed it around reading the many prayers and comments being sent up to God, from this site.

Cindy, Larry, Tonya and Ronda were so blessed to know how people are praying for them. They are all holding strong between their tears. Ps. 126: 5-6 "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him." I believe we will see a great harvest from our tears.

TYLER: Tyler's surgery on his leg went well and the doctors were pleased. They thought with a little rehab his leg will be fine.

TREY: Trey is scheduled to have the surgery on his face this morning and is probably in surgery now. He had a slight temperature when I left last night. His head is very swollen but I am told that is normal for a head injury.

Kelly Thompson, Todd's wife has the 6 girls at her home in Munday and they are in school. With their 4 that makes 10 so they are having a good time. The cousins love to be together so that is great. Tessa Kizer Guerrero and I brought Trevor home with us to Munday for a couple of days. He has been so good. I never saw him cry all day. He slept most of the way home.
The counter on the website rolled over and this morning it had started at 1 but I see it's fixed now. There were over 5000 hits last night. Keep the prayers going because God hears the cries of His People.

There have been 2 mobile homes and a travel trailer made available for them to stay in long term. They plan to park the travel trailer at the hospital so they can rest between visitations. Everyone has been wonderful to try and share the burden the Thompson's are enduring. God is good and His people are sharing His love from across the U.S. Cindy said, "How can we ever thank everybody?" And I had to laugh.....I said "Cindy you are just reaping from all the seeds you have planted over the years!" She is always doing for everyone so now she is the recipient of her labors.

The Thompsons want to thank everyone and say they love you and keep praying. -wilma

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Evening Call from Larry

TYLER: Tyler went into surgery at 11:30 am today. He was through at 3:30. They put rods, plates, and screws in his leg and the doctors told the family that they are pleased with the results. They feel pretty good about his leg now.

TREY: Last night, Trey had a little fever so they put him on a breathing machine. They are undecided about a surgery time. They might do it today at 5 or tomorrow morning. They will put plates on the sides of Trey's face to support his eye sockets.

Larry said that Trey is conscious and has had lots of visitors. He is able to squeeze their hand and open his eyes. He says that Trey looks better this afternoon.

They were just about to open up visiting time and Larry and Cindy were about to see Trey. They might get to see Tyler tonight around 9pm. Keith arrived at about noon. Larry says that Keith is doing better too.

Larry says that they haven't turned a corner but he feels like they are doing better.

Seems the family got some much needed sleep last night... Pray for continued peace for everyone.

Pray for Keith too

Keith Cypert, the young man who was with Trey and Tyler in the truck, needs our prayers as well.

Keith knows the Thompsons very well, in fact, he helps them work cattle and does some farming work for them.

Keith was also injured during the wreck. He sustained a
lacerations on his forehead and hand that required stitches. He was released from Knox County Hospital yesterday after spending the night and, then traveled to Lubbock today to be with the Thompsons. Understandably, this has been traumatic for him. Please pray that he will see what he did as nothing short of heroic. Pray that the Lord will give him peace.

Though there are only two people in the hospital in Lubbock, the collateral damage--the emotional and psychological repercussions are just as real. But, the Lord promises that He will never leave us or forsake us.
Pray for comfort, rest, and the peace that passes all understanding...

Keith is a Junior at Munday High School.

Short Update Tuesday Morning

ABOUT TYLER: Tyler is in surgery right now...
Please Pray.

ABOUT TREY: They are uncertain now about when they will do surgery on Trey. His head is severely swollen and they are kind of waiting on that... I was told they are using some kind of mesh on Trey's face due to the many broken bones.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Night Update

I just got off the phone with Larry and this is the news:

Tyler: Last night, Tyler had surgery to attach a splint to his right leg. It was broken in two places, below the knee and above the ankle. Larry said that the bone was snapped completely in two. Today, he had another surgery to remove the dead and burned tissue from his body. They cleaned him up and put something called "pigskin" on his wounds. Larry said it is a protective covering and that they will do skin grafts later.

They are planning on another surgery on Tyler tomorrow. They will begin putting the bones in his leg back together with plates and screws. Please pray the Lord will guide the hands of the doctors...

Trey: At 10 am they operated on his arm. The surgery took 4 hours and they had to put screws and plates in to straighten his arm. The doctor said that if Trey can handle the pain, he can move the arm all he wants. They almost took Trey into surgery again at 5pm to work on his face. However, the doctors changed their minds and decided that everyone was way too tired and postponed Trey's next surgery until Wednesday morning.

Larry said that they are "doing better"...

The family is held together by a strong trust in our Lord Jesus and by the thousands of prayers they know are going up on behalf of these two young men. They are thankful for everyone who is taking care of things for them and they know that God is in control.

The Accident

Yesterday, brothers Trey and Tyler Thompson jumped in a pick-up with friend Keith Cypert, a Munday High School student, to check on a grass fire on one of their ranches. They left the church (they were gathered for a retirement celebration) and raced to the scene of the fire not knowing that they were about to become part of another scene.

As Tyler, Keith, and Trey approached an intersection just south of Rhineland, an eighteen wheeler with malfunctioning brakes crossed the highway. Unable to avoid a collision, Trey, Tyler, and Keith swerved but instead hit the fuel tank of the semi-truck. The impact pushed both vehicles off the road into a wheat field. Incredibly, Keith, the only one not injured, was able to free himself and rescue Trey from the wreckage. The driver of the semi then assisted Keith as he went back into the burning truck to save Tyler who was on fire.

Immediately after they were rescued, both the pick-up and the semi exploded setting the field on fire.

We know that Tyler, Trey, Keith, and the truck driver were spared by the gracious hand of God Almighty.

The local fire department and emergency services sped to the scene. The emergency
workers-all friends of the Thompson family-- arrived to administer medical aid and prepare them for transport by ambulance.

Meanwhile, Trey and Tyler's wives, parents(Cindy and Larry) and family members arrived on the scene. Both men were severely injured. But no one would know for sure the extent until they were taken to the hospital. Careflight was dispatched.

At Knox City they determined that Tyler had third degree burns over about 30% of his body, a badly broken leg, and other lacerations and injuries. Trey sustained a broken left arm, a fractured skull, and multiple injuries to his face. After being stabilized, both were air lifted to Lubbock's UMC.

Meanwhile, friends and family rallied together in prayer. Children were shuffled here and there and loving neighbors drove to Lubbock to support this dear family. No telling how many similar trips the Thompson's have made on the behalf of others in times like this...

The medical staff at UMC determined a plan of action for at least the near future. Tyler was admitted to the burn unit where he would received an operation to repair his leg.
A large bar with pins was inserted from femur to ankle to keep his leg stretched straight. He is also kept sedated to help with pain and he is on a breathing machine due to smoke inhalation. Tyler's situation is dangerous because of the serious threat of infection. They say that Tyler will be in the burn unit at least 30 days.

Tyler is married to Tonya. They were high school sweethearts and now have 4 children. They have three girls and one boy born just this spring, Trevor. (Please pray for Trevor as well he has a breathing problem and just spent a couple of days in Cooks this last week.)

Trey underwent surgery for his broken arm this morning. Trey has many more surgeries ahead due to his facial injuries including breaking almost every bone in his face. Thank God, Ronda,
Trey's wife, is able to be by his side much of the time. Trey and Ronda have 3 little girls as well.

We tell this story for those of you who don't know the Thompson family or what happened yesterday. We want your prayers and we want you to know more about these wonderful people that we love.

We also report this story for those of you who already know this family and want to know more or just want to know how to help. This will function as a hub to help inform everyone of any changes or needs. We simply want to create a centralized information point to help
communicate prayer needs, keep friends and family informed, and to organized any type of help or aid we can muster. We hope to keep this updated according to every bit of news we hear. Bookmark this page and please, pray!