Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Evening Call from Larry

TYLER: Tyler went into surgery at 11:30 am today. He was through at 3:30. They put rods, plates, and screws in his leg and the doctors told the family that they are pleased with the results. They feel pretty good about his leg now.

TREY: Last night, Trey had a little fever so they put him on a breathing machine. They are undecided about a surgery time. They might do it today at 5 or tomorrow morning. They will put plates on the sides of Trey's face to support his eye sockets.

Larry said that Trey is conscious and has had lots of visitors. He is able to squeeze their hand and open his eyes. He says that Trey looks better this afternoon.

They were just about to open up visiting time and Larry and Cindy were about to see Trey. They might get to see Tyler tonight around 9pm. Keith arrived at about noon. Larry says that Keith is doing better too.

Larry says that they haven't turned a corner but he feels like they are doing better.

Seems the family got some much needed sleep last night... Pray for continued peace for everyone.


Johnny & Tamara Gann said...

We just wanted to let you know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Trey & Tyler we pray that both of you have a speedy recovery.
Keith we pray that you can find piece through all of this. You are a HERO for what you did. You should be proud.

God bless you all. You are a wonderful and loving family.
Johnny, Tamara, Dalton & Collin Gann

WomanHonorThyself said...

God bless you and will keep you in our Prayers as well!..This too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

Wow from the look of those pictures it is evident that God was with these men!!! How fortunate that Keith and the other driver were able to pull the men to safety.


Randal and Beverly said...

Our prayer for your family is that you will replace any fear that you might have with Faith that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ. He is the great physician and it is in His hands. There is nothing that you will experience over the next several months that God has not experienced first. We praise Him for the healing that is taking place at this very moment!

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers along with hundreds of other warriors who are taking your family directly to the throne!
Randal and Beverly Kinnibrugh

Romain Stubbs said...

I'm praying for all of you. We know you are all strong. May God bless you all. We love you.

Romain Stubbs and Family

Anonymous said...

The Lord Jess is ever present guiding the doctors and nurses
as they care for you. He holds you and your families in his arms. Can you feel Him. "Be still and know I am God". You are all in my prayers. Love to all. Bobbie Harrison

Paul Champagne said...

Trey, Tyler and Keith will be in my family's prayers ... as well as their families.

God Bless

The Champagne Family
El Paso, TX

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kacy for keeping us updated. We are praying for the family. They are in our thoughts, also to Keith who is a courageous young man.
Daniel @ Lupe serrato

Jay and Brandie said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. You have a wonderful faith and God will be with you all the way.
Jay and Brandie

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you. Tyler and Trae are two of the toughest people I know.

Tonya and Ronda,

If I can do anything for either one of you, please let me know.


David said...

May God bless Trey, Tyler and Keith with speedy recoveries and doctors who are inspired. May their families feel the comfort Christ provides.

David Billikopf
Dinwiddie, VA

Anonymous said...

Thompson Family:We just wanted to let u know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. And also with Keith and your family. God is great and will see you through this.
Manuel & Rachel Sepeda

Anonymous said...

I am sure you have many questions about why your injuries were so minor and Trey and Tyler had such horrible injuries. Those questions will never be answered. You have to know that you were put there for the very reason of saving those two men. You may have a lot more put on you later in life, but for that moment and for that time, that was your purpose. God has a purpose for us all. Most of us never know if we have truely found our purpose. You know. How lucky they are that God chose you to be there for them.
God heals all wounds. He will heal Trey and Tyler and He will heal you also. Nothing is too great or too small for God to handle. Walk with the knowledge that God's hand is on every one of you. Know, by faith, that Trey and Tyler are already being healed by the hand of God.
Glenna Decker

Sharon said...

Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I will pray for the doctors as well for wisdom. May God bless you all.
Sharon in Texas

Vicki Goebel said...

Hello Ronda. The prayer chain made its way to Sterling City, Texas where Rob and I now reside. I received an email from Barbi Cox requesting prayers for friends and the info she provided made me realize it was you and your family. Even after nine years of being gone from Seymour, I remember you like it was yesterday. You are such a sweet, kind and caring lady. God's love was apparent through your beautiful smile and kind words every day. I know He is with you and will continue to be. We will pray for peace and comfort for Trey and Tyler as they recover and for you and the family as you go through this together. Your sister in Christ. Vicki Goebel

Sam & Andi Hunter said...

When I think of the Thompson family three words come to mind: faith, love, and strength. I have no doubt that the your faith in the lord, your strength from the lord, and the love of the lord and so many others (as shown on will this site) will carry everyone involved through this event. The Thompsons are an inspiration to so many, and now we can add Keith to our inspiration as well. And Kacy thank you for doing such a wonderful job with this site. God bless you all. You are all in our prayers.

Kevin_Frank_Jackson said...

Larry, Cindy, and the boys, This is Kevin Jackson. I know it has been some time since I have seen you guys, but the memories I have of your family and Munday are still close. I know the Jackson family will keep you in our prayers. God is with you through all of this. If there is anything we can do for your family let us know.

Bill and Suzi said...

To the Thompsons and the Lawrences;
Love and Prayers from Montana. We are praying up here, too. God had his Angels before you, that's for sure. A Miracle. There's more to come. The latter days will be greater than the former.
May God continue to bless and keep you all.
Bill and Suzi Soper

Anonymous said...

We love you ALL so much and you are in our prayers everyday, all day. We can help in any way you need us to.
We love you,
Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan