Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Good Report

TREY: I just talked to Cindy and she said Trey was dismissed from the hospital a little while ago. He went in to see Tyler and Tyler tried to sit up and reach out to Trey. Cindy said it was pretty emotional. Trey will stay in Lubbock to be there for Tyler's surgery on Tuesday and Drs. appointments on Thursday and Friday.

TYLER: When Tonya went in to see Tyler today he opened his eyes said, "I love you." The best words she could ever hear. Then when Larry and Cindy went in, the same thing happened. He opened his eyes and said, "I love you." Cindy asks us to pray against the pain that the Drs. and nurses predict is ahead for Tyler and to pray for God's hand to sustain him.

Eph. 3:20 "Now all glory to God, who is able through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Please pray that God will take away the pain and also that there will not have to be as much skin grafting as expected nor as much pain as is common.


Anonymous said...

Dear Thompson Family,
My thoughts and prayers have been with Trey, Tyler, Trevior, and the rest of you throughout the week. They will continue until everyone is completely healed. I have kept up through this wonderful blog that Kacy has started. If there is anything I can do for any of you, please let me know.
God Bless All of You! Cheryl U.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Trey!!
We are keeping the prayers going from Childress. We prayed for you this morning during our Bible Class at Childress Church of Christ. Look forward to more positive updates.

The Neskoriks

Gass Family said...

Thompson Family

We want you to know that we have been praying all week for all of you. We are singing praises that Trey is doing so well. And we are praying that now Tyler will have the same quick recovery. If we are needed in anyway just call. Hope to make it up there to see you all soon. Just know that you all are on our mind constantly. You are such a wonderful family and we are so blessed to know you.

Our prays are also with you. You are an amazing man. We hope that you realize that.

Love always and God Bless
Quentin, Roni, Jaedon, and Ryder Gass

barb said...

Our Prayers will contiune for the Thompson families and for Keith. We will spread the word to everyone to pray for this remarkable family in Texas. The Lord will be with you lean on him for the comfort you need. Califoria Friends