Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday update from Cindy

Last night, Tyler, most likely, had an allergic reaction to fentanyl (a chronic pain medicine). Once they switched pain meds Tyler's temperature came back down and stabilized. But, for a while his temperature was over 105.

Tuesday morning, Tyler is being 'scheduled' for surgery, to have his right arm skin grafted. They will remove skin from his leg and 'graft' it to his arm. This is quite a long and painful process. Pray that he will get rest tonight, be pain free and have a successful surgery, in the morning.

Trey is doing good. His eyes are healing up good. He and Ronda are at the Burn ICU waiting room, visiting. He will stay in Lubbock until his appointment on Thursday/Friday. Meanwhile, they are concerned about Tyler. Also, pray for Trey to get some rest.


Anonymous said...

I know this is so hard for everyone. Just have to be strong for the whole family!! With everyones prayers and love for this awesome family, "the boys" will be "back in the saddle again" before we all know it!!
We will keep praying for the both of them and the rest of the family as well.
Rest are all going to need it for the next few weeks!!!
I here.....all you have to do is call me. Ronda has my number.
May God give you all strength and the courage to pull this all together.
God bless this wonderful family.
Leslie Franklin and girls

Elisha said...

I will be praying that God helps Tyler through his surgery tomorrow. I know that isn't going to be easy for anyone. I know he will be back to his old self before we know it! The Tyler I remember is a strong in more ways than one. I love you guys.