Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a note...

Tyler and his family was at church on Sunday and I must say that I was amazed by how good tyler looked. he was his usual outgoing self.. He said that the pain is getting less everyday...

To those of you who still visit this blog... remember that God is faithful. Every time I see these guys, I see walking miracles...

Blessings to you all!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow

The Drs. came in and took Tyler out of the airplane splint today (Friday morning). They took off his bandages and the graft looked good. Before the surgery Tyler could only raise his arm 90 degrees (from hanging down at his side to straight out) and when they took the bandages off he could raise his arm 130 degrees which would be 40 degrees better than before the surgery. YEA! The Doctors believe Tyler can make more progress doing therapy and perhaps be able in time to do 180 degrees which is perfect. They dismissed him because he knows what he has to do and the Doctors believe that Tyler will do it and so does anybody who knows him. He will exercise and will be working with a local therapist. They put the splint back on and he will only be able to take it off 30 minutes a day. Don't know how long he will have to wear the splint. It is very uncomfortable.

Thanks again for all the prayers and calls. Please continue to pray because he will need a lot of strength to finish the job. Tyler we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday update on Tyler

Cindy called and she had talked to Tonya this afternoon. They came to take the staples out of the leg where they had harvested the skin for the graft. The Drs. will check the graft tomorrow and if they believe it is taking Tyler will probably be released. There will be a long road of rehab to do but we are praising God that this is over and believing the graft will take and Tyler will be back on the road to complete recovery. Thank you all for your prayers and please do not stop because the battle may be won but the war is not over. He was in a lot of pain today. Tyler needs strength, patience and comfort from The Holy Spirit and Tonya needs it even more. Thanks for all the calls.
From Cindy 8:30AM:
Just talked to Tyler and he said his night was a little better than the first one! They were getting ready to take the staples out of his leg where they harvested the skin for the graft.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tyler starting to recover, Doctor reviews on Friday

From Cindy:
Tyler had a rough evening last night as was expected but is recovering with a good lunch today. The staff is trying to maintain his pain as low as possible. That's easier said than done. On Friday, the doctor will review the healing then make the decision whether or not Tyler will go home Saturday or stay longer for possible rehab.

Trey is still experiencing pain in his teeth ( possibly nerve damage). The orthodontist has recommended braces but cannot go further because braces will increase the pain that is already there.

Please continue praying for encouragement and strength for Trey, Tyler, Ronda, Tonya and the kidos.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update post-surgery...

Larry just called and Tyler is out of surgery. They have him in a splint that I he must wear until Friday. They said he might be home Saturday but they doubt it.

Remember to petition the Lord on Tyler's behalf. The area where they took the skin is VERY painful. It must be very frustrating to feel as if the family is taking a step backwards... going through something again they thought was in the past...so please bend a knee and ask for God's strength & protection during this time...

In the name of Jesus let this be the surgery that puts "Ty-Ty back in the saddle" so to speak...

Father God! You are mighty to save and you are faithful. Rescue Tyler from any frustration, pain or discouragement... We ask for complete restoration in the Name of the One who paid for our sins and whose name is HEALER!

TYLER, now in surgery

Tyler just now went into surgery, at 12:30. They expect to have him in recovery at 2:30PM. Father God, protect him now from Satan, sickness, sabotage and sin. In Your beautiful name, Jesus. Amen.

Check back here for more, shortly.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tyler's next move...

Just a quick update...

Tyler is scheduled for another skin graft on Jan. 6. They will hopefully remove scar tissue in the shoulder area and then do more skin grafts in that area. They will remove the skin for the graft from his upper left thigh, which I believe is the first place they took it.

As you all know, this marks the beginning of another painful detour for Tyler and Tonya. I imagine that this surgery will be hard for Tyler for many reasons. This surgery most likely means another painful recovery. This is why we must all pray really hard that God would have mercy on Tyler and relieve the stress and pain. We pray that God would shorten the healing time and totally guide the doctors with every move. We pray that the Lord will strengthen Tonya and the kids as they walk through this time.

I know that this has shown me how I take for granted so quickly my own health and comfort.
As we move about our lives in comfort, free from bandages and pain, let us keep Tyler in our prayers constantly.