Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Surgery Today for Trey

Most of you know that Trey is having surgery today to fix his eye and face. They are hoping that this will fix Trey's double vision and correct some other problems he has had since he has left the hospital... Please pray that all goes well and that there is perfect healing and little pain.

Those of us who have seen Trey have been amazed at how great he looks considering the massive injuries he sustained. I don't even notice the scars anymore but I believe this operation will not only help solve some problems but make him look even more like the Trey we all remember.

I have to say that through out this ordeal that I have been astounded by the ability of the human body to take such abuse. I never expected such fast and amazing recovery. I know the family would say that it doesn't feel fast but only 4 months ago both boys were horribly disfigured. I have to marvel at the human body that God made. God designed us all so wonderfully that we can be completely broken and near death and yet our bodies are programmed to heal, repair, and function again. Tyler was at church Sunday, and though I know he is uncomfortable a lot, he is a miracle. He is becoming more and more whole every week.

Trey will heal quickly too. We all know what to do. We are told to pray for those who are sick and hurting... Come on, friends, let's go to the Lord for Trey and his family today...

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Rebecca said...

For those of you who know me well, you will understand why it has taken me this long to really dive deep into this blog. This family is a true gift from God. They are so loving and giving and radiate with the spirt of our loving Father. I thank God everyday for all of them. My family has been graced by God because of the Thompson family. When I am in their presence its as if God has wrapped me up in a security blanket knitted with the love this family has for Him. We could never express what they mean to us and how thankful we are they are still here with us. Praise be to God for this amazing family. May Trey rest in the arms of our Father painfree and be nursed to a quick recovery by our Creator. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with the Thompsons.