Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tyler needs our prayers again... please press in...

Tonya sent me the following information in a couple of emails... Please pray for them as the battle is not totally behind them yet.

Tyler is more than likely going to have to have one more surgeries on his shoulder. He has scar tissue that has formed and will have to be cut to allow more movement for him. The doctor won't make the final decision until his appointment on November 18th (6 months from the accident).

PLEASE pray for Tyler's foot, he is still having alot of pain and swelling at the end of the day. Everything was healed up and looked good on the x-rays at his last appointment, but please send out a request to pray for the pain to subside.


sit-n-chat said...

We are praying for continued healing. We just got home from prayer meeting at one of our church homes in Aspermont and we prayed for you, as we have every Wednesday night. We have a long prayer list. God is able.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Okay .. prayer bears from Vegas in action..

I'm sorry you all are going thru this... it just stinks.

C.Atkins said...

Well its been awhile since i gotten a chance to check the site, it seems overall that everyone is doing well, as myself, along with friends and family of mine in Delaware continue to pray for Trey and Tyler, Its hard to believe that its nearly 6months, and how much it has forever changed my life....I so greatful to of had all your guys support in dealing with this being 1,000's of miles from home....Like always please if there anyway possible i can help with anything let me know....Take Care