Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Subject: Keep praying
News keeps getting better…KEEP PRAYING!!!

Ok, appt today with the Gynecological Oncologist, Dr. Munoz, he states it is ovarian cancer from looking at the Pet Scan. The good news is that it traveled to my colon and wrapped itself around it and caused me pain (severe) so that I went to the doctor and it was detected early for ovarian cancer. Usually there are no symptoms with ovarian cancer so when it is finally detected, it is too late.

Surgery is next week. Dr. Munoz would like it to be asap but he also needs to make sure that he AND the colon surgeon, Dr. Staniunas, can do this together and that makes for next week. I will know later today when it is exactly. He stated again (already knew ) it will be a tough surgery, complete abdominal hysterectomy (called it debulking) and then removing about 12 inches from my colon.

At that time he will send ovaries, etc to the pathology dept and they will know within 10 minutes if it is ovarian cancer. If cancer, then Dr. Munoz will insert a intraperitoneal catheter into my abdominal cavity and I will receive chemo directly on the source of the cancer.

…THEN Dr. Munoz did an exam and looked again at the pet scan. Given my age, he has stated that it may NOT be ovarian cancer and may be a mass (benign) growing. Surgery is still the same, BUT NO CHEMO…AND I DO NOT HAVE CANCER!!!

I will let you know when the surgery is as soon as I do.

Keep praying, it is working!


Cathy name and address is: Cathe Trepte, 1605 Shores Blvd., Rockwall, TX
75087, her phone is 972 771 6765, she would love to hear from anyone. Mary C


Anonymous said...

That is tremendously wonderful news. You know, God just might be working a miracle though YOU! Wow! We will continue to pray for you and are putting you on every prayer list we can. You are not alone in this! Please keep us updated on your progress.

WES said...


Ms. Cartwright said...

Cathy is now cancer free. In fact her marker is normal. she has 24 days left of chemo, but we are thankful to God every second for the miracles that he as worked in her life and ours. She fights to keep the nausia away and keep her weight up, but she and God's power are winning. God is everpresent in our lives and waits on us to allow him to work miracles. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and continues prayers for her health to continue to improve and she heads toward the goal of healing from the surgury and chemotreatments she has had for the past 3 months. 24 days and it all gets even better. PRAISE GOD!

Lisa Cartwright