Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One year ago

In many ways it seems like years have past since May 18, 2008 and in some ways it seems like yesterday. God is an amazing God and He WALKS WITH US AND HE TALKS WITH US AND HE TELLS US THAT WE ARE HIS OWN. God is on the throne and He hears our cries. He has us in in palm of His Hand and He knows our name. Is. 43:1. I would just like to Praise God for the many miracles He gave us this year and Thank Him for His Many Blessings not only to the Thompsons but also to the Body of Christ at large. We are all changed. Our faith has been stretched and we have been fit together as a Body. I believe He has a purpose left for us and I pray we will be faithful to hear His call and do His will in the days to come. Thanks to everyone who prayed, loved, helped, cried and stood with us.

God is Good ALL THE TIME.

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Anonymous said...

Trey came in the office today...gave me cold chills...I told him I had been thinking alot about them these last few days...May 18 has been etched in my mind for 35 years because it is Flippers birthday, but since last year now that date has another memory etched in my mind forever....what a MIRACLE to see Tyler, Trey and Keith nowadays out and about!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!

Leann Harlan