Monday, July 28, 2008

"Celebrity" Grill to make an appearance at the Benefit Roping

I guess you could say the World Famous Ultimate Smoker and Grill has a softspot for miracle stories because it will be here for the Thompson-Cypert Benefit Roping on August 9.

The folks from Mrs. Bairds Bread is sending 1000 hotdogs and 600 hamburgers to help out with our fundraiser. So, people, we need to make a show for these kind people and show up and eat!

Plans are in being made for a kids activity area and other attractions. Please encourage everyone to come on down...

ALSO, check the links below about where this amazing grill goes... We are talking Super Bowls, Big Festivals, Giant Events and now little ol' Munday Texas... Amazing, huh?

1 comment:

Shi said...

We have all been praying for ya'll!! Miracles do happen everyday. I've been keeping up with all this and it awesome. Threw god anything can happen! The benifet is looking awesome and we will see ya'll there!!

Love ya,