Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Noon

I just talked to Cindy and she said Tyler had a good night and was doing pretty good today. He did throw up but it was because they gave him pain medicine on an empty stomach. The Doctors will look at the grafts on Friday and decide what his future treatment will be. This is definitely a good report. Praise God!

I talked to Trey on Monday and he said he planned to help Tyler with his rehab when he gets home. Trey said Tyler will need a lot of therapy after he gets home. With 4 children we are thinking Tonya is going to need a lot of help also. We are making plans for meals for up to 6 weeks and will be posting something on that in the near future. We have found a computer program that will help us organize meals easily so if you would like to help with that just email me (Wilma at and I will get you the information to get on the calander or check back to the blog in a few days.


In_spired said...
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Anonymous said...

the author of the deleted post was ME, who intended to post more anonymously than I did!

for wh:

I'm not nearly as good a cook as ANY of the Thompsons but I want to help!!

signed: Alli Neededwuz Aharkut

Anonymous said...

Tyler I can't believe how good you are doing. Praise god for everything he has done for you and the family. when you get home i will have to tell you all about buckwheat going to the justin snow football camp, i think we have ourselves a DL, or at least that is what they were calling him. Wilma i absolutely want to help, anything i can do i am here, i work evenings at the care home so i am free of the mornings for cleaning, cooking or whatever needs to be done, if lawns need to be mowed Michael is here for that, just please let us know, we love the Thompson family and will do whatever needs to be done to make Tyler's homecoming as easy as possible. God Bless all of you.
Love, The Castorena's

Kacy said...

I'm in put me on the list...
also My mom and my grandmother

Anonymous said...

Wilma, Just Let us know when ,where, what and we'll be there.....Jimmy & Carlene

Anonymous said...

I will be happy to do what ever Tonya needs done, and Ronda if you need help cleaning house, do laundry or whatever, it would be a pleasure to help you. I am so glad to know that the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine brighter. wilma put me on. Love Dayle

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyler!!!!!!
I just keep on praying and know that God has taken you in His hands and healed you to perfection!!!

You are definitly a miracle!!
Keep up the great work, and know that I think of all of you EVERYDAY!!

God is good sweetie and I know that He will be there with you through it all.
Take care and I love you all!!!
Leslie Franklin

Anonymous said...

well we all know my domestic skills wouldn't be good in the kitchen even if I was in Munday :)!!! Just wanted to say Hi! So glad that everyone is doing better. I knew the ole stubborn onery redhead wouldn't let them keep him down for long!
You guys are still in my prayers! Keep it up ~ I know everyone is ready for you to get home Tyler!
Amy Moorhouse
Fort Worth, TX