Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tyler has graduated from his home Rehab to going to rehab at the Knox City Hospital five days a week. His rehab therapist is Breanna Alexander Hostas originally from Munday. He has to be there by 9:00 each morning and he is there for about 2 and l/2 hours. She works on his shoulder about an hour with hot wax (ohhhh doesn't that sound good?? maybe he will let me fill in for him one day) to loosen the scar tissue in that arm. He rides the stationary bicycle for about an hour and also uses a machine kinda like a bicycle for his upper body. Tyler is doing good and improving each day but just so you know... There was nerve damage in his foot that was caught under the seat. The Drs. are hopeful because he has some feeling in that area but he still does not have full range of motion. They say with rehab he can possibly get it back in six months or so. He can bend his toes down but cannot bend them up. PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL COMPLETELY HEAL THAT FOOT AND LEG. Tyler needs to get "back in the saddle".

Keep watching this blog...we will have another interview soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler,
I am Kelly Owen, your cousin, Terry's wife. We have been watching your blog daily and praying. You and your family is such an inspiration to so many people. I have tried a couple of times before to send messages, but they keep "disappearing"--maybe this will get through! I just want to send you encouragement. I know this phase is so difficult, as you try to get back to "normal", but are still living such an interrupted life. Therapy probably will seem endless, but it will be worth it. I am encouraged that they are saying you will recover from nerve damage in as little as 6 months--they told me it would be 18 months for nerves to begin working again in my hand...but text books don't tell the doctors about the amazing power of prayer! My doctor even told me that! So, ride the wave of these prayers, persevere, and heal, heal, heal!