Friday, July 25, 2008

Tyler went to the Drs. in Lubbock yesterday and today. The burn Dr. was amazed at how quickly his grafts were healing. PRAISE GOD! He said the next time he comes to see him he will take the bandages off and put him in a compression vest similiar to the ones on his hands which Tyler should be able to take off and on by himself. This will make the grafted skin be smooth instead of rough and and he can take it off to get into the shower or bath. The last time he was at the Dr. they fitted him for a brace for his foot to hold his foot up and keep it from dropping due to nerve damage in his foot. He had to buy a new size 10 1/2 shoe to fit with the brace. All in all it was a good report. Tyler has been able to get out of the house some which has been great.
When they got home today Jan Searcy, Dottie Lowrey and Shirley Smith brought pizza. Tonya said again how wonderful it had been and how much it had helped them get through the hard days not to have to worry about cooking and grocery shopping. You have filled up the days until August 15th which was our goal. Thanks to all of you who helped. You have been a blessing and as Ronda always say..."Anglels with skin on."

Trey is doing better each day. He still tires easily but is out working some and getting back to normal. PRAISE GOD FOR THE PROGRESS. We pray they will be back to normal very soon.

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