Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Laura and Dakota

We have had several ask about an update on Dakota and Laura. I got this email from Leslie yesterday.

Just want you all to know that Laura is still about the same. Doesn't talk unless talked to, can walk with the aid of a walker, still gets confused, but still needs all the prayers she can get. I'm sure this is a timely process, so with time and God's power of healing, she will be back to 100% before we know it. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!

As for Dakota, he had his stem cell transplant last week and has been in isolation since then. The Dr.'s were actually waiting on something to go wrong, because they needed something wrong to know that the stem cell is working. He started with a low grade fever on Thurs. and it went up to 103 and stayed there all day Friday and he does have a blood infection that they are working on right now!!! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!

Please keep praying that the Lord will work his miracles on these two people that mean the world to me!!! As most of you all know...Laura is ALL I have left as far as my immediate family, but thank God I have her extended family and my girls. Lord knows where I would be without them!!!!!!!

Thank you to all that have asked about them individually and please keep those emails coming!!! My email is minihaha21@yahoo.com for the ones that don't have it and might want it and my cell is 432-889-6779.

Love, Prayers, Hope and Peace to you all.
God bless you.
Leslie Franklin



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Wilma for posting that update for me!!! That means a lot to me and I'm sure to sister, Dakota and the rest of them as well.

Thompsons....Praise God that you are all home now and getting settled in. How awesome is our God!!!

Still pray for you all everyday and think of you often.
Take care and I will talk to you all soon.

Love to you all,

wilma said...

Leslie, please keep us updated on Dakota. We pray for him often.

Anonymous said...

Thompsons all-- I think of you and pray for all of you often.
Leslie,Laura,Dakota and all of your family you are also in my thoughts and prayers. I remember you girls so well.
He makes all things beautiful, In His Time. There is beauty in trying times also.Love to all of you, Rosann Nelson Owens

Kacy said...

Lord, you hear our prayers and we need you to move on behalf of these two. Lord, we praise you for the miracles that these two will be in Jesus Name!

Holy Father, you are mighty and capable of all things, we ask you for complete healing and restoration!