Sunday, July 6, 2008


Trey and Ronda are driving to Dallas today to take Chaney to a Pediatric Specialist. Chaney is their 3 year old and she has been having colon problems for over a year and their Dr. just thought she should be seen by a specialist. Ronda ask that we pray there is nothing serious and they can find the problem with the bleeding.

Tyler is sooo happy to be home and I understand he even took in some fireworks on Friday. Praise God for his many miracles. I was just reminded this week how we pray and pray and so many times when we get answers we forget to Thanks God. So today, I am asking all of you who have been praying so diligently for the Thompson boys to spend some time just praising and thanking God for HIS MERCY AND GRACE AND HOW HE HAS BLESS US ALL DURING THE PAST 7 WEEKS.

Many of you have called and some of you have set up a day to take food. Thank you so much. Tyler and Trey both have Dr. appointments next week so they do not need food on the 14th.
The address again is here

The Log In Code is 5561; the password is 9842

If you have any questions please call me or if you know someone who does not do internet and would like to do a meal they can call me and I will put it on the calendar.
Wilma 422-5153 or 256-0096
Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, I pray for Chaney, Ronda & Trey as they drive to Dallas & on to the dr.'s office, wrap your loving arms around this precious child & her Mommy & Daddy. We know you are always with us in any suitation, show yourself, Father to all of the Thompson family. Thank you for what you have done these past 47 days in the body's of Trey, Tyler & Keith also their families. Please heal little Chaney's tummy & makke her well. Lord, we thank you so much for answering the prayers of many folk's. You are an "Awesome God," we glorify your name in the precious name of Jesus. Amen Love, Sue