Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After surgery...

TREY: He had an appointment today and he is healing very well. The third degree burns on his head need a little more time to heal. They will see him in a month. But other than that Trey and Ronda are managing well. Trey has a little bit of a balance issue sometimes.

TYLER: When Tonya went in this morning at 9 am she said that Tyler was pale and sedated. His sodium was out of whack so they gave him 3 units of blood. They also restricted his fluid intake. Then when Tonya went in at 1pm she said the color was back in his face and that he looked stronger. They have his pain under control which is wonderful. They will check his skin grafts Friday and if all goes well, they could move him to the step-down unit where he could start physical therapy. Tonya sounded upbeat and it was really good to hear from her and Ronda today.


Anonymous said...

Again,all of the Thompson families...we have been gone for 5 days..couldn't wait to see the blog to see how you were all doing...God is such an awesome God and has so blessed your families and surrounded you with angels and faithful ones who will help carry you through all of where have I seen what I thought of miracles of God...and all the people who have been blessed so by these events..myself icluded Linda Moorhouse

Mike and Ann Showalter said...

Thank God for all the wonderful people who are praying for Trey and Tyler, I was touched reading all of the comments. We only found out about this blog site today but will keep watching and adding our prayers also.
Mike & Ann Showalter, Mineral, TX

Anonymous said...

Tyler, you continue to amaze me with your progress. Working in the medical field, I know the struggle you have been going through. But you are pushing through with flying colors! Tonya, your strength is truly amazing! My prayers are with you both. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted yall to know that we are all still in constant prayer. Rhonda, I loved the visit with you the other evening. I know this has touched many lives but my life it has definetly changed. I see things different know. Remember that we love you all and are here.
love ya,
Angela Herricks

Deanna said...

Please know that there are numerous people in Delaware that are praying for all the people involved in this horrible accident. We too have been effected and touched by the events of that day...GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Anonymous said...

Trey, we are so proud of your progress.We pray it will continue.
Tyler, so glad you have had the last skin graft, and that your pain is under control.Hopefully,you will get to go to the step-down unit where you can start therapy.
Billy said Todd was in the DQ yesterday, and gave everyone there a report about both boys and that Tyler has no memory of the accident.That is good.We have kept up with the boys daily ,sometimes checking 3 times a day.
Cindy,being a parent,I have thought about you and Larry and have prayed for both of you.How terrible it must have been to get the news about the wreck, and then to see your boys so badly hurt.
We love all of you and will keep praying,
Donna & Billy Cypert

kathie ward said...

You boys have come a long way on the road to recovery and the road seems to never end but with all the support and loving care you are getting it will be a memory one day. Praying and keeping watch over your progress. Try and take it one day at a time and don't rush things we all are behind you in every small but meaningful step.Your support team is huge and growing daily.