Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday evening

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRAISE THE LORD! TYLER passed the swallow test and he was drinking milk when they went in to see him. He was very tired and weak. They had just brought him back from the tank where they clean up the dead skin. Cindy said he was really hurting when he came out from that. She also said, "Thank God for people who can do this work, knowing that they are going to hurt the patient. " She ask that we pray for sleep tonight. He is getting a little stronger and they had him up taking a couple of steps with a walker. This is not much but they do feel like they crossed another hurdle today.

Dakota: In case you missed it the Snyder baseball team won state today and Dakota actually got to go to Austin to the game. He wasn't allowed out of the car and headed straight back to the hospital but he is a member of the State Championship Baseball team. Yea for them!!


Anonymous said...

I just read this update and I have chills all over me. When they took out my ventilator it was days before I could swallow, but when I did, it was just wonderful. No one knows until they've been there. It's just thrilling to be here and watch Tyler heal inside and out and become the warm, bright young man I know he is because of all the ones that love him. Praise God!!!!! Babysteps are GOOD!!!! Love you all, Laura Franklin Powell

Sandra Jones said...

Everyday we get more good news from Tyler and Trey. I feel for Tonya, I know Tyler's pain is her pain. I don't know them, but I pray that all of our prayers give them both the strength to continue this struggle. We can see the rainbow for Trey and I feel God will send Tyler his rainbow soon. God Bless You All. Sandra Jones

Anonymous said...

Thompson's: What wonderful news about Tyler passing his "swallowing test"! He must be so happy. Tonya, you and Ronda are my heros! What pillars of strength you have both been through this long and trying ordeal. We continue to pray for your entire family! We pray that Tyler and Trey will both be able to sleep!! You are an amazing family and are loved by so many of us! God bless all of you!
Patsy & Mike Tompkins