Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It is working... Cindy called and says that today has been a really good day. The Prayers and Comments have really brightened his spirits. Thank you all and keep 'em coming!

NEWS: He walked twice today AND he was allowed to go outside for the first time. He was able to stay about 15 mins. He did keep his lunch down and Tonya has gone to get a blender for his shakes.
He had therapy today, they worked him hard and she said it was very painful. The occupational therapist worked with him today and he dressed himself-shirt, shorts, and socks! Good sign!
A speech therapist came and checked his throat to see what the problem is with swallowing...

On the 23rd, the doctor will assess him and determine what they need to do as far as the skin grafts go... Right now, he is staying on the 3rd floor for therapy.

Cindy has been sitting with him reading your comments. They are deeply touched by your sweet words and your prayers are working.



Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler, Tonya,and all the are never far from all of our families thoughts....we can't wait to see everyday all the progress and all the goodness that GOD is doing in all your lives but all of ours as well. This has been an inspirational journey for myself as well as so many others to see what believing in our Lord gives us. God Bless Linda Moorhouse

Anonymous said...

Is there any word on Dakota?

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you at home and in our services at Peacock. We know God will continue to strengthen your body and your heart. He is faithful.
I wondered if you are getting to listen to any praise music there in your room. I know how it strengthens me when I need help of any kind.

Hope to see you soon.
Jennifer Burgess

Anonymous said...


Keep it Up!! Don't give up, you WILL get better. It may take some time, hard work, and pain to get past the worst. Your day will soon arrive!!! You are blessed to have such a great bunch of people by your side to help you through this. Thinking of you and praying for your ongoing recovery. Tyler and I really want you to get better, these ranch rodeos are not the same without our Thompson Boys!!

Kristin and Tyler Rice

Anonymous said...

I'm a True Goree Wildcat, but I have my Mogul equipment on for you Cowboy. I pray for you everyday, I know you are going to get better. Remember the first time I loaded cattle for you, I wanted 7 in the nose and yall sent me 47 and thought it was so funny!!!You hollared Big Jim are ya ok??? Hurry up and come home and load me again, this time I'll be doing the counting. Love ya, Big Jim

Anonymous said...

Tyler, Trey, Thompson Family, Keith and Dakota,

You are in our prayers daily. Stay strong!

Chad and Kathy Rainwater

Anonymous said...

Got an e-mail from Laura about 4-5, she was still waiting on news from him!

Anonymous said...

Tyler and all,just want to let you you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. There's not much to do when you set in the house all day. But each prayer lifted up is with love for you all and love of our Lord, He is in control, sees all, knows all, and hears all. And He loves us. Praise Him!! I know it is going to be better, hang in there. Love you all, Aunt Juanita

Susan and Jim said...

Tyler, Do you remember a quote in the dressing room when you were in high school? It said "A champion is someone who didn't quit when he wanted to." You were a champion then and you still are, but this time the stakes are higher. You are a champion to so many people who look up to you for strength and guidance. God will help you get through this. And he'll help the rest of us, too. We love and are praying for you, Trey, and your entire family. Coach Edwards and Susan

Anonymous said...

Tyler-you have come so far from where you were one month ago. With God's arms around you, you will be home in no time. Your strength is so amazing. With so many praying for you--how could they not be answered!!We look forward for your return to good old Munday!
PS Cindy and Tonya-I am in such awe of you two for your strength and faith. Tyler is very blessed to have both of you. Much love from us to all of you.
Rick and Rosie Ake

Anonymous said...

Sounds like today was an awesome day. Keep the faith and keep fighting! Each day is one day closer to the day that you get to come home. We are all cheering for you.
Terry, ZAnn & Jenna

Anonymous said...


I can't help but think of my favorite poem while reading this website everyday.

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonged to him, and the other to the LORD.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.
This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it. "LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me."

God is carrying you and your family and he will take care of you and will not let you down. You are a Mighty Mogul, you know you are tough!!!

Leann and Kent

In_spired said...

Kacy posted:
"Go Tyler! NOW, LET'S HEAR IT!
Tyler, I made something for you!"

Hey Kacy! I was a majorette and played in the "Going Band from Mogul Land" in 1957! Does that count???

Tyler, we were in Lubbock yesterday and this morning. Was hoping to have time to come by the hospital to visit for a minute with Larry and Cindy...but...we got ourselves in a "time crunch". Be assured that you're in our thoughts and prayers daily, nightly, and in between.

The Thompson Families have been a life changing inspiration for us.

Jackie Lowrance

Melody Atkins said...

Keeping you and Trey in our prayers in Laurel, Delaware. Keep up the good work. Melody

Anonymous said...


This is Kevin Jackson and I just wanted to let you know that you are doing great. Keep up the good work, I will continue to pray for you, and the whole Thompson family. I check this site every day all day and try to keep up with the progress. Sounds like you are doing great!!! Keep it up!

God Bless you all!
Kevin Jackson

Anonymous said...

Great Job Tyler!!!! I'm so glad to hear you had a good day and got to go outside. That is awesome!!!! Our God is mighty and He is holding you in His big hands. Keep up the good work and we can hardly wait to see you again!!!!

We love all of the Thompson family very much and we are sooooo excited to hear this news! Tonya, Larry, Cindy and anyone else there, give Tyler a big hug for us!! Trey and Keith we are still praying for ya'll too.

Jason, Jae-Jae, Gage and Riley

Anonymous said...

Hey Ty-Ty, We're praying hard for you! We know God is doing a mighty work. Now that you are in a different room start listening to the healing scripture CD's. I played them for Trey over and over on Steph's lap top. Also he went to sleep listening to praise and worship music on the ipod. Remember, with God ALL things are possible and he never gives us more than we can handle without him. So many people, even people we don't know are standing in the gap lifting all of us up, God will never leave us or forsake us. We're enjoying Kendall, she's lots of fun. We love you!, Trey, your favorite sister-in-law, Taylor, Sydney, and Cheney

Anonymous said...

Hey daddy, I didn't know you could dance better than me! Have you seen your dance video yet on Kacy's blog? We keep watching it over and over. We're having a slumber party at Monica's. We're having a blast. I can't wait for you to come home---you are my favorite Mogul. I love you very much. Tell mommy I love her too! Kendall xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

hey Ty=ty, love your dance skills. I love you and I can't wait for you to come home! I am praying for you everyday. My dad is missing you 2! I am getting 4 braces/brackets on top in the morning. I will send you a picture. Nenall is doing good, we are best buds now! We dressed alike today and some people asked if we were twins; we're just naturally twinkies. So we're having a blast at Monica's. Can't wait for you to come home. I know you are a tough Mogul and you can do your rehab. love, tay-tay

Anonymous said...

Great dance moves. Ya'll must have been sneaking up to the Movement Space for private lessons. I sure they will be asking for you to perform at one of the pep rallies. Glad to hear you got to go outside. I know you enjoyed it.

Tammie said...

Wow, I wish I was at Monica's!!!

I'm a die-hard Pantherette, so I'm not relating to the Mogul Madness. But, I try! Purple is a pretty color.

One time I was sick and Coach Murry made me come to practice anyway...he said, "Kinnibrugh, suck it up and be a Pantherette". I went to practice, but upchucked on his pretty b-ball court. He asked why I was there???? DUH!!! You said so! (and maybe I didn't wanna run lines for eternity!)

Well, for what it's's hoping and praying that you can suck it up and get home soon.

Debbie Pankhurst said...

Each one of us has defining moments in our lives that leave us a little bit different than before. This accident may be remembered as just such a moment by many. In 1969, another very similar accident took my daddy's life (Wayne Josselet)- a single moment - a fire - a pickup- and he was gone. He was 33, Mother was 31, and 4 kids were left with holes in their hearts. I've since learned that hole was exactly the right size for Jesus.
Tyler, you line pictures of those precious children and your beautiful Tonya up in your room, and you do whatever it takes to come home to them. Believe me, they desperately need you.

My love and prayers are with you all, Debbie Pankhurst

Ann Ogle said...

Tyler, how about a Skyline Thunderbird cheer from Pratt, Kansas to urge you on? If that doesn't fit, how about a Kansas State Wildcat cheer?

Well, since I'm not a cheerleader and you're not a Thunderbird or Wildcat, I'll just tell you what an amazing young man you are (you too, Trey), and what a courageous wife and beautiful family you have (you too, Trey), and how I have "Hope", that earnest, intent expectancy of God's hand touching, comforting and healing you.

If love could heal, you'd be well (you too, Trey), for you both are much loved by many!!

Count me as one of them!! Ann

Anonymous said...

Hey buddie, just wanted to let you i'm keeping up with your progress. Came to see ya a few weeks back, didn't get a chance to back and see you. Man, i've got to tell you the time that i've spent with the family has really lifted my heart. You have a wonderful family and a communinty of friends that love you very much, and are praying like you wouldn't beleive! We miss you, every morning i walk into alsups to get my dr. pepper, sure wish i'd see you! Keep working hard and fightin through this! I'll see you soon, I know it! Love ya brother,

Anonymous said...

We check this every day several times a day to see what good news we can here about all of you. You better get home soon before I spoil that pig. We will continue to be praying for a speedy recovery.
We Love Ya'll Bunches,
Randy,LaDonna,Ricky Dale,& Rocky

Anonymous said...

Its about 1:00 am and the house seems so quite and I couldn't sleep so I thought I would check your blog. I'm so happy that you got to go outside today. It was a beautiful day here and I'm sure that your time outside felt wonderful. I order some pictures from Tony Bruguiere who had taken some pictures at the Eagle Valley Ranch Rodeo. He e-mailed me back and told me that one of pictures that I had order was on the front cover of a magazine called The Fence Post. Well I could not wait to find out what it was so I went to and sure enough there it was on 6/15/ issue. Seth coming out of the gate! I'm going to try to get some of the magazines so I'll send you one and when I get the pictures I send you some of those too.Like Kristen said we don't want to dress up her dad like a cheerleader. We have seen that once at a pep rally and it is not pretty. You keep working hard and we'll keep praying and before you know it you will be returning to good Ole Mogul Land. Have a good night Tyler and sweet dreams, Love Dayle

Andi Hunter said...

Hey Tyler,

You know, I wasn't a Munday Mogul cheerleader. BUT I was an Easton Warrior cheerleader. When you get down to it, weren't the original Moguls greart warriors? (I really think I prefer the Mogul colors, because the Warrior Orange and Black is only good at Halloween-but purple and gold, that's just classic!) Just like our Moguls this past year were warriors on their march to the state championship, you are being a true warrior through your fight. We are all amazed by your strength and perseverance in the face of what you have been dealt. I remember when Sam called and told me of the accident and the way his voice sounded, the worry and fear. And we haven't stopped worrying or praying since then. You keep up the good work, draw up that reserve of strength and faith, and keep making us all proud of your Mogul spirit!

Oh-when I was a cheerleader we cheered for just about every sport imaginable, including wrestling. My favorite cheer, mainly because it was so goofey, was "Wrestle, Wrestle, Twist Em Like a Pretzel!" Can you beleive that?!?!

Know you are always in our thoughts and prayers-Sam, Andi, Baileigh, Aiden, & Evan Hunter

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Tyler. I have all my co-workers here at my office hooked on this blog spot now too. They are so amazed my Munday's outpouring of love, support, and tradition. I never realized how lucky we were to be raised in such a great little community, but the incredible support and strength that you and your family have received through all this is such a testiment to the spirit of Munday Texas. Just remember those track workouts when we had to run 500's and Edwards was yelling at us to make it to the Quarter mark at a certain time... you can make it through the therapy too!! I know how tough a Mogul you are!!!!

Angie Offutt Harrington

Anonymous said...

This blog has been so great for keeping us all informed. The best thing about it is that we always know what is going on with you. The down side is that we often just read it but don't send any messages back to you guys.

I think about and pray for you and your family several times a day. Some of my favorite high school memories involve you. I think my favorite class ever was Mrs. Longan's Theatre Arts class my freshman year. Tuff and Squeak called me Miss Meadows for years afterward. I still crack up when I see the pictures of you dressed as a girl for the "Beauty and the Beast" contest during Project Graduation. All the girls were so jealous because you looked better than any of us could in Missy's white leather mini skirt.

I know this has been more horrible for you than any of us can imagine. You are one of the toughtest, kindest men I've ever known. I wish there were some way we could make this easier for you. All we know to do is keep praying. We love you very much.
Shanna, Kevin, Bracken and Toby

Tina Waite said...

I had no idea you boys were such good dancers! You may have to put on a demonstration for everyone when you get healed up! Hope you have a GREAT day.....and many to come!!!
God Bless,
Hugo, CO

Anonymous said...

tyler - we too have been following daily reports on you and keeping and the all the Thompson families in our prayers. I feel bad because I have commented to you yet but I find myself saying, "Oh, he's had so many comments from people he's much closer to." but today I said "To heck with that!" just to let you know that you are loved and are being prayed for by our families, too. My family in Belton and Clyde repeatedly ask me about me you guys. I always tell them that even before this horrible accident that so many of us wish we could have prevented, the whole Thompson clan was an inspiration. We know that God is watchng over us all and that sometimes we don't understand our circumstances but God is there with us - even if sometimes we wonder. You are an incredible story, a fantastic inspiration, a role model - I could go on. Just know we love you, we pray for you, we are pulling for you, and we can't wait to get you back home to Munday.
Cynthia White and family

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tyler and Family!! WOW! This sounds so good, music to one's ears! I am in awe of the power that prayer, in unison, or individually,'s just amazing...a miracle in itself. I've seen so MANY miracles in this part of your life and also for Trey that it keeps me in tears and on my knees. Battle through, Tyler, battle through and when it's over, battle'll never know how much it's worth until you get there!!!!
I wanted to update everyone on Dakota also. He was in surgery 1 hour longer and recovery 1 hour longer than he was supposed to be, but he's aler, but in a lot of pain this morning.I'm going to repost this when they post for Thursday as that's when I'm writing this. Please say a tiny little prayer for my little hero...Thank you all so very much...Laura Franklin and Family

Missy Chambers said...

I do not know what your status is today, but I wanted you to know that I am cheering for you. I think of you guys at the oddest times and always get on my knees. I pray that God would flood you with the nourishment that you need no matter what food you are able to keep down.
Getting to speak with you on Saturday brought me great JOY and tears. I am thankful for you, Tonya and your entire family.
May God's unfailing love be your comfort. (psalm 119:76)

I have taught Karsten a song to pray for people using the 24th psalm. It is a battle cry for the church. It is also a song to ask Jesus to come and protect and be present. We sing the song for you and Trey and Keith. Then Karsten will say"'and pray for peace too mommy." see below

We love you all Thompson family.
Brad, Missy, Karsten & Charis

Psalm 24:7
Lift up your head, O you gates
(insert request:"for Tyler's nourishment")

Swing wide you everlasting doors
(insert request:"for the pain in Trey's face")

repeat the two verses above and insert additional requests or repeat same requests.

That the King of glory may come in (repeat 4xs)

Anonymous said...

Tyler- sometimes not doing anything is harder to do than doing a lot each day. The will is in you to fight to get better. Each day is a struggle I know but the goal is worth it. You've always been tough, mentally and physically. Never give up, never quit and you will defeat this setback and every setback you will have the rest of your long life. I know I have always been proud of you and your tenacity and fighting spirit. God Bless

Anonymous said...

my wife and i are praying for you two men and your families for a quick recovery..i have known larry and gene for many years...sincerely ronald clyde and mary jon yost...littleton, colorado

Anonymous said...

Tyler and Family,
We have continued to pray for your healing...God IS our refuge and strength! He IS our help in time of trouble! Hang in there...We continue to pray also for Trey...
Larry and Cindy, Rick wrote you another card...hope you got it....our thoughts are with you. Here are words from Isaiah 43--verses 2,3..."When you go through deep waters and great trouble I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty you will not drown! When you walk throught the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up--the flames will not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, your Savior, the Holy One of Isreal." Sometimes when we are hurting and can't see our way out, remember, God is there and He will help us! Blessings to you and your family, Rick and Sherry Etheredge, San Angelo, TX

Anonymous said...

This is my first comment, but the boys have been in my prayers since I heard the news. It is so wonderful to read about all the support that you have been getting. Know that you are in even more people's hearts and prayers than you even know.

This is all going to work out, and there are blessings and lessons still to be discovered from this hard, hard road.

With love for Larry and Cindy, and for the sweet little boys I used to play with.

--Stewart Henderson, the kid from Michigan who spent the summer with you in 1973

carla jones said...

Hey Guys! WOW what good news! Glad to hear Tyler that you are getting stronger. I know you have wonderfull doctors,and all but when Monte could not keep food down and needed to gain weight they gave him some kind of iv teatment that they said all of his nutrients were in it.I wonder if maybe they could not give you this as well? just a thought, you know in case the doctors could use my help.HA!HA! We are still thinking and praying for all of you each day. Miss you and hope we see you agin soon. Remember the old saying "WHEN IT GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GET GOING!We can not know what you are feeling and going thru each day,but know that if we could take a step for you we would. Hey, but we are taking them with you each day as we read and hear about your progress. Love to all of you and Pa says Tyler you looked so good the other day, but don't let it go to your head. God
Bless and know we are here for you all. Oh yeah we brought the hail and rain again. we will try and leave the hail home next time. HA!LOVE YOU ALL,MA AND PA