Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Tyler is still having some problems with his reflux. He was able to keep his breakfast down. He has been up walking today and his girls called to wish him a Happy Father's Day. His Aunt Paula said he looked really good today and much improved from the time she saw him last week. He has had a lot of company today. Tonya's Uncle Perry cooked lunch and brought Tyler steak, fresh new potatoes, asparagus, corn casserole and they said Tyler ate pretty good. (Hey Perry, we could use a new restaurant in Munday.) Pray Tyler can keep this food down.

Tyler still has to go to the tank room today so we can pray for strength to endure.

When Jesus was talking to Simon Peter in Luke 22:31-32 he said, "Simon, Simon, satan has asked to sift you as wheat, (32) but I have prayed for you, Simon that your faith may not fail, And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers." Tyler, my prayer for you today is..."Jesus pray for Tyler as you prayed for Simon Tyler goes through this trial and sifting as wheat that he would be strengthened and when he is strengthened Tyler will strengthen his brothers. God do not let Tyler's faith fail but cause his faith to increase that he might be a testimony to the Glory of God. Amen"

TREY: Trey is doing good but still having some discomfort and pain in his face. He is still pretty weak and can't eat anything much. Food has to be soft so if you take food to Trey and Ronda remember that. Ronda said she thought he had tried to eat things that hurt his mouth. So, don't forget to pray for Trey as you continue to pray for Tyler.


Teri said...

Happy Father's Day Guys!! You are all in our hearts and on our minds daily. We love you. There is beauty after a fire. You will be so blessed after you see all the lives that have been touched and saved because God chose you that
day. Cindy, Larry, and boys mom and dad wanted me to tell you that they love you and are praying for healing and peace. Mom fell and dislocated her arm and cut her head open and hurt her back more, the day before the boys accident. She was in bed for a month but is doing better. She still needs help with a few things. She hasn't been able to play the paino until last at Church. She wanted you to know that they are praying. Funny thing! Rhonda, When we were way younger, I remember Trey getting into Cindy's pantry and he would get her cake mixes out and he would eat them raw. Not very health but soft. HA!HA! We love ya'll and glad you are home. After all is home and well, we need to get together for an olfashion singing. Tyler, Don't be difficult, mom always said we were alot ornery. HA HA God has healed you and you will be home soon. Love ya! He Makes All Things New!
Teri Myke (Underwood) Barrington

Carla Jones said...

Hey! Happy Fathers Day! Hope it has been good. Tyler we were proud of the news that Trey shared with us Friday. We went out of town and just got back. We just checked and hate to hear of some bad days. We still are praying and know that soon Tyler your appetite will return and as it does so will your strength. We pray for strength and rest for all of you. Tonya, We pray for you and the kids too. Larry and Cindy you two take care of your selfs and know you are being prayed for by many. Hope to see you all soon. God Bless and Love to all,Ma and Pa

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to the guys!! Larry, this must be a great Father's day for you. I'm so proud!! Sounds as if Tyler is doing better but we cannot lose sight of focus and that's to continue to pray until the last bit of skin is healed on all three boys. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and Father's Day.
Laura Franklin Powell and Family