Sunday, June 22, 2008


I talked with cindy tonight and she said Tyler had another good day with friends and family. He has kept down all his food for 3 days. Yea Tyler.

They will meet with the Drs. in the morning about 9:00 to determine if further skin grafts are necessary. Tonya did say the wounds looked better when they dressed it today. Tyler is asking us to pray that another surgery will not be necessry. He has had about 7 surgeries now and he sure hopes it will not be necessary to do another one. Cindy and I agreed to pray for the Drs. for wisdom because they have made pretty good decisions up to now and we just want what is best in the long run for Tyler. Please say a prayer for God's will and ask Him to heal Tyler's burns supernaturally. God is able so that is our prayer.


Anonymous said...

Tyler and Tonya, Griz and I really enjoyed our visit today. I hope we did not wear you out to much. It was great to share some time with you. We are praying for no more surgery and that if all goes well you will be home soon. Keep working with your Pt and Ot so you can get that roping arm in shape. Love and prays to you all. Brenda

The Snyders said...

Tyler: It sounds like you are making good progress with God's help. Hang with Him. Prayers your way!

Trey: Hoping your bite comes along quickly. Those things really do take time to get back in shape, especially given how disrupted they have been! Thinking of you and the family!

Gary & Jeanne Snyder
Seymour TX

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have been and will continue for a speedy, and miraculous recovery for both.