Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Evening

Talked with Cindy and she said Tyler had a good day. He kept his steak down and hopefully his appetite will return. After a consultation with nurses and doctors they have determined they will keep Tyler in the ICU unit until Thursday. They can control what comes in and out and control his pain better there than in the step down unit. They are very careful about what comes in and out so there is more control of germs, etc. Cindy said she felt a lot better about that. He has had no infection and the skin grafts are taking and since he still has some open wounds they felt it would be better to be safe.

They did disinfect the laptop computer and he got to read the website for a couple of hours. I know he will enjoy reading all of the sweet comments and know how many people are praying for him. Keep up the prayers and maybe Tyler will be home by this time next week.


Gary Snyder Family said...

The extra protection and caution is probably a good thing, Tyler. I imagine you are ready to have all of tis behind you, though! Happy Father's Day to all of you guys!

Sometime the chocolate Ensure(or Boost, etc) is easier to get down, and lots of calories to boot!

Keeping all in prayers.

The Snyders in Seymour

Anonymous said...


We are thinking of you and praying for you daily. Missy really enjoyed visiting with you the other day and we get so excited everytime we hear from you. I know you may be a little disappointed about not getting out of ICU, but I'm with Cindy. We don't want to take any chances and we want you home as soon as possible. You have touched so many lives throughout your almost 36 years, but countless more have been touched through this and God is recieving the Glory daily. We don't understand, but HE does have a plan and it is a perfect plan. I know these are things you already know, but I just want to remind you that we serve a GREAT God and nothing is impossible through Him. I love you Ty-Ty and can't wait to come visit you at home. Tonya, hang in there. You have been so strong through this and Tyler is very blessed to have you as his wife!

Happy Father's Day! You are an awesome Dad. I love watching you with your girls and I look forward to seeing you with your little man too!!!!

Jason, Jae-Jae, Gage and Riley

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day, Tyler,

So glad your doing better, I talked to Ronda yesterday she said you were getting better day by day.
Don't we serve a Mighty God and I like to think of Him as my Daddy because He loves us just as you love your precious children. We got a report tonight from Mike Hord,he said about the same as your Mom. My prayers are with you, but as a mother of two & a grandmother of six I feel like no one knows what you mom & daddy have been through, the agony of what their 2 boys were going through, but GOD has answered a lot of prayers that have been said for you, Trey, Keith, Ronda, Tonya, Cindy & Larry.

Keep looking up, He is coming for all of us soon.

Sue King, Seymour

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler
Dad told me about yours and trey's accident a couple of weeks ago, since then I have been keeping track of yours and treys progress once a day on this website. I am very happy to see that things are taking a turn for the better. Be strong, like you always have been, and things will continue to inprove.
Jason Patterson