Monday, June 23, 2008

Dakota's Grandmother

Mom called and Dakota's grandmother, Laura Franklin Powell, just had a stroke. She is in the hospital and disoriented. Leslie asks that we pray without ceasing. Dakota is supposed to start chemo this week!

SIDE: Many of you may have noticed that we list more than the needs of those primarily affected by the events of May 18, 2008...

Trey and Tyler have already "turned that corner" so to speak and we believe they are on the way out of this wilderness . However, these other names...Laura, Keaton, Dakota, Arron, Baby Jack...are now adopted by this site and it's readers.

Thanks to God, this blog is now about so much more! We know that "God works ALL things for the good of those who are called according to His purposes. Romans 8:28" I know the Thompson family who would agree that whatever Satan intended for evil that God will turn to good for His divine plan. And we believe part of that "good" is you, the reader, participating in the lives of others having difficult times. We participate in their destiny by Getting on our knees... 80,000 hits means that you are caring people who are interested in others--keep reading, and praying...

I hope you can make room in your heart for these names you don't recognize and these people you don't know... We believe that this time of struggle for the Thompsons will be redeemed by the MANY lives God will touch. So, like Larry said, "Pray like they were your own."

Quote: Prayer, of course, is not a means of getting what we want from God, but getting what God wants to be done here on earth.


Karon said...

I have come to this site every day since my great aunt Juanita Nelson called me about the Thompson boys (her nephews). I am a pediatric nurse in Abilene and at the time Juanita did not know where they flew them and to what hospital and asked me to check the hospitals here. I did and found out they were not here and when she told me burns were involved i immediately told her to check with Lubbock as that is where we send burn patients. I am very thankful for this site as it gives me guidance in how to pray not only for the Thompsons but for the many others you have included in the "family". Thank you to those of you keeping us informed and know there are prayers being lifted several times a day for our families in Christ.

God Bless,

Karon J. Bingaman RN
Abilene, TX

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

Thank you Kacy baby for adding Sister (Laura) to the prayer list and using the space on this awesome blog for prayers and well wishes. You are a sweetheart!!
I just got in from the hospital in Snyder and Laura's conditions is about the same. She is still not speaking, but she REALLY tries hard. I know she has a long road ahead of her, so just pray that God takes over and gives her what she needs to heal.
Thompson family------I am still praying for each and everyone of you!! You may not see me on here as much now that sister is in need of my help, but just remember that you are all with me in thoughts and prayers.
I love you all dearly!!!
Leslie Franklin and girls
By the way......Dakota starts his chemo tomorrow (Tues.), so he will be really sick by Friday!! PRAY...PRAY...PRAY
They will be at Cook's for the next 45 days!!!
Love to all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dakota...nmay GOD bestow all his love and blessings on your health and life....Linda