Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Day

Cindy called and said Tyler had had a good day. They worked him really hard but as Coach Edwards and anyone who knows....NO PAIN, NO GAIN! Still keeping his food down. They are trying to feed him 6000 calories a day. I would like a couple of days of that!! Cindy said he was hungry for avocado today so that is what he had. Don't know if they have made him a watermelon shake yet.

They had a good visit with the kids and Madison stayed in Lubbock. Trevor has an appointment with the Dr. tomorrow in Abilene so say a prayer for him.

TREY is still trying to find soft foods to eat. Cindy made him bread pudding Sunday which had 9 eggs so he had an extra serving of that for the protein. He looks better each time I see him but he is still healing.


Anonymous said...

Tyler and Tonya

Just to let you know we sure enjoyed seeing yall Sunday. It is the best picker up we have had in a while. I wish we could come everyday. Because when we leave there we have such a great feeling.Cant wait til you come home and can ride the range again. as I told Trey today this time next year we will wonder were the time went and the healing will be complete.As I see and talk to you guys everyday I see God's miracle.Tyler keep up the hard work and Tonya you hang in there.

Love yall

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,
We hope to see you back home soon!!
The church equipment just doesn't get used to its full potential without the skills of a sound tech such as yourself(lol)!!We continue in prayer for you and Trey and family.
God Bless,
Ruben,Patty, and Aubri

Anonymous said...

Could we add someone new to the awesome prayer chain...Lycretia Atkins and her daughter Katsy ..her husband Chris killed himself last Wednesday after a troubled 40 into alcoholism as well as other addictions...Lycretia is a strong person..but there is so much to face...she is a friend of our daughter and her husband Chad....Thompsoms, this blog is such a Christian all are in our prayers and thougths...Linda Moorhouse

Anonymous said...

God, I feel so blessed, and I know you are looking out for all of us... my heart has been weary..I have been so weak...but I know that you are there for each of us... it is only now that I feel I can say out loud I love my Lord and my GOD.... Thanks so much to the Thompsoms for all the blessings you have so besotled on all of us Linda