Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Out on the Town with the Thompsons!

Great news! The doctors are allowing Tyler to go out tonight to dinner! The whole bunch is planning a trip to a local steak house owned by a couple of their friends.
In therapy, Tyler had to go down and show the therapist that he was able to get in and out of the car. He did well, so he gets a much needed outing! Tonya, Cindy, and Ronda are armed with cameras so we can post some pics later...

Cindy said that Tyler is eating much better and that there has been a huge improvement from just a few days ago.

Pray for Tyler's elbow, he hit it in the tank the other day and the skin graft is damaged.

Cindy also told me that the Moorehouse post(below) was gone and she wanted you all to read it and pray. I guess it was lost in cyber-space for a bit but now it is back.


Anonymous said...

Have fun tonight! I'm sure you will all enjoy this much deserved time. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! That is great to hear! I'm so excited for ya'll, especially Tyler. Enjoy your steak and know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love ya'll,
Jason, Jae-Jae, Gage and Riley

Anonymous said...

Yea! This is so exciting! Have a blast...........all of you! Still praying daily.
Kendra & Brad Bevel & girls

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for all of you! I know that it will be a nice and much needed change of scenery. Enjoy your evening out together! God is good...all the time, and all the time...God is good!
Jason, Lanesa, and Chloe

Anonymous said...

We hope you enjoy your dinner out. We know that you ae all very excited.. We want you to know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Love to you all, Jay and Misty Fronterhouse and kids

Carla Jones said...

WOW!! WAY TO GO TYLER! I know it must be wonderful to get out for a good meal, especially with all of your family. We were so glad to hear of your continued recovery Trey, You look great! We are still praying and will add the new prayer needs to our prayer list, that we begin and always ends with all of you guys. How blessed we are all to have this wonderfull family of God where we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD AMEN! Again know you are all on our minds and in our prayers. God Bless and we love you guys,Ma and Pa

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyler!!!!!! That is awesome news!!!! I'm sooooo proud of you!!!
Get out there and eat you some GOOD food!! By the some for me too!!!
God is good baby....and it is sure showing!!! Hang in there!!
I love you all and think of you all the time!!! Prayers are with you always!!
Praise be to God!!
Leslie Franklin

Stephanie said...

yeahhhh Tyler! I know yall had a great night out! So thankful! No storms, either! Praise God! I have to share another praise - our dear friend Christie Devitt was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 months ago-1week after she found out she was pregnant. What a journey. Laney Grace was born last Friday-completely healthy, and Christie had a body scan today that came back 100% cancer free!!!!! We are all rejoicing-for the Devitt's, the Thompsons-& giving God all the glory!
Stephanie (pepper) Ehlers

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I hope you enjoyed every bite Tyler Man!! You are still in my thoughts and my prayers, all of you!! I can not believe how far you have come, you are doing so good. We all new that fighting Mogul/Cowboy would come out in you. God is amazing and doing amazing things in you and for your family, keep up the good work on your therapy, I bet your horse is missing you!!!! We love you and cant wait to have you home. Keep on pushing, you can beat this and be home soon to that wonderful family of yours.
Much love and prayers,
Michael, Melissa, Micheal & Makayla
Hey we need a brand: maybe 4M's or something.LOL!!!