Monday, June 2, 2008

Second Skin Graft Surgery

I (Wilma) am sitting here in the Burn Unit waiting room. I just finished praying with Cindy for Tyler that he would have The Peace of God that passes understanding. Tonya just came out from waiting with him for the nurses to take him to surgery. The nurse told us it would probably be about a 45 minute prep time and the surgery would be around 2 hours. Tonya said Tyler was good this morning.

Cindy's cousin just sent pizza for the family and they have gone to eat. Cindy says again to thank everyone for their prayers, visits and concern.

God is in control of this entire situation and He will receive Glory. Don't forget to continue praying for Trey. He is home and still needs the healing touch of God.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I've never been more proud to be your cousin. I'm so glad you were there when the Thompson's needed you most. I hope and pray your injuries heal quickly and I know God has big plans for you.
Love ya, Shanna

tami said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all today. I am praying for patience also, Tyler seems like a patient like dad would be. Tonya you have your work cut out for you, but with your faith you will pull through like a champ.
God is Awesome!!!
Conda, Tami(Belew), Kyler, and Ashlyn Richards

The MaBlog said...

Hi Wilma,
Glad you are there today. Please tell Cindy and Larry that I am praying for Tyler's surgery and healing. Plz send me your email address some time. Mine is

God bless.
Jennifer B

Anonymous said...

Please know that we have been and will continue to pray for Keith as well as Trey and Tyler. What a testimony God has given each one of these guys. God is always in the mist of everything we do. How we respond to those divine appointments is our choice. Praise God that Keith responded in such a heroic way. I think everyone is so thankful for Keiths bravery and courage. Tyler and Trey are blessed to have someone who thinks so much of them. To God be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praying for you all daily!!
The Staffords
Seymour, Tx Jeremiah 29:11