Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Third Skin Graft is OVER!

Tylers last expected surgery is done. Cindy said that all went well and just as the doctors expected. One major plus was the fact that Tyler was so much stronger this time. Cindy said that seeing his kids really helped.

During the surgery they did skin grafts on two areas, his chest and the top of his shoulder. They had to cover a large part of his chest with skin harvested from the back of his thigh and the side of his calf. They also grafted the top of his shoulder and put him in an airplane split that keeps his shoulder immobile while it heals for a few days. They also opened his leg and clean it a bit and to also take a culture for infection.

They took him to the tank room after surgery and he is resting under heavy sedation. He has his tubes out and will only have to have oxygen through his nose.

Pain and threat of infection are at the forefront of their minds. Please pray that all goes smoothly and that Tyler stays strong. Most of us can't imagine the pain that Tyler (and Trey) has gone through but at least this is the last foreseeable obstacle to his coming home.

Continue to lift the family up and pray that this is all soon a distant memory for the Thompson family...


Momofthree said...

All of you are continually in our thoughts and prayers. We give God all the glory for the healing that has happened thus far. We will continue to pray for his healing touch.

Little Brice was a delight to have today in VBS. I saw the other two girls throughout the morning, but had the opportunity to be with Brice the entire morning! She's an amazing girl!

Yesterday's Vacation Bible School Treasure Verse was 'Always be thankful." I couldn't help but think of the entire Thompson family all morning. What a testimony of thankfulness! As I saw all of the Thompson children yesterday and today, I am so thankful that our awesome God allowed these sweet, precious children to still have their Dads.

Love and prayers,

Melody said...

Melody said...
I dont know any of you personally, but I want you to know that I have been praying for Trey and Tyler and their families since May 18th. I live in Delaware and my son was driving the semi. Today was the first I had learned of this blog, or I would have posted earlier. The pictures are very shocking, to say the least. Cory has been in the local fire dept. for 5 years and he told his dad, it was the worst accident he had ever seen. I just could not imagine, until I saw the pictures. It was difficult being so far away from Cory when this happened, but he has told me how "remarkable" everyone has been, and after reading the comments and posts on here I can understand exactly what he means. I just dont know what to say to the families, I am just so glad that in time Trey and Tyler are going to be ok. I also am praying for the young boy with hodgkins....Corys sister is about to turn 23 next week, she went through chemo for hogkins 2yrs ago, and fortunately, so far, it has not returned. Now that I know about this site, I will check on Trey and Tylers progress daily, and will continue to pray for all who were involved. I would also like to thank everyone for their prayers and kindness that has been shown to Cory.


Anonymous said...

Our God is so AWESOME!!!!!!! Father, I just continue to lift up the Thompson family and give YOU all the thanks and praise for the amazing progress and recovery exhibited through Trey and Tyler. You have this whole family in the palm of your hand each and every minute. May YOU continue to be glorified through them. With all our love and continued prayers - Johnny, Nancy, & "Birky" Birkenfeld

Anonymous said...

We are all so very thankful that Keith Cypert was there that day. We all know that he doesn't feel like being called a hero, but he is our "Hero". God knew us before we were ever born, he knew us in our mother's womb. He has a predestined purpose for ALL of our lives. I cried as I read the Front and Center with Keith's picture. This young man made a choice to follow Christ. He made a choice to live his life for God. Children are VERY impressionable. They watch us & they listen to what we say. In Third grade, Keith Cypert wrote down on that piece of paper at school that his Hero was: TREY THOMPSON. Even at that time in his life, God knew that May 18th, 2008 would come. And when it did, injured himself, Keith with God's help was able to do what he did. Christ died on the cross for ALL of us. And on this day, Keith was willing to lay down his life to save Trey & Tyler. I know Keith that you have had sleepless nights, and wonderder "what if's...etc". But we don't always see the BIGGER picture. In fact that is the case most of the time. Tyler and Trey are alive!!!!! My nieces and nephew and sister 'n law have their daddy today because you were there Keith. Ronda, and her girls have their daddy, because you were there! Larry and Cindy have their son's alive today because of you. And WE ALL have YOU KEITH CYPERT alive becasue God chose YOU to be with them that day! He gave you the strength of ten thousand angels, and God called on you Keith...AND YOU WERE WILLING TO GO ON! You are our FAMILY in every way Keith. We gathered in the chapel in Lubbock that night before they were to do surgery on Tyler. After prayers were lifted up to Heaven, Larry began to speak. He said,"You know, today I could have lost two sons, but I didn't......It could be worse.....but it's going to be o.k......." He said"I never knew how many people were praying...but people are praying everywhere.....it spreads like wildfire". There was a lot he said Keith, and I don't think there was a dry eye in that chapel. But know this...We lead by example. There have been so many people read this blog. People that never knew the Thompsons, never knew Keith Cypert and his family, but by your testimony alone, we will never know how many more lives have been SAVED!!!!! There are those that have read this blog and your testimony and maybe their lives were not where they wanted it to be. The bible says,"We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." You never think something like this will happen to you or your family, but it does. We are blessed to have a large extended family, and when something goes wrong....we pull together. When they were air lifting Trey from Knox City. Their were two people in front of me. One said," Why does this happen to the good people....There are so many drug dealers and people like that, and it has to happen to the good ones?" In that moment I knew their was a BIGGER picture we could not yet see. I see it now, and I know you do too! Keith, we will never be able to put into words how thankful we are for YOU and YOUR LIFE. Now emagine how many third graders are writing, "Keith Cypert" on their paper as their Hero. I know if you were standing before God he would say,"Well done, my good & FAITHFUL servant." I want to leave these words for you Keith and the rest of the family. We love you so very much. Our community is united, our faith is even stronger....now we must keep pressing onward!

God Said, "Go On."

God said, "go on! Don't quit!
Your work is not in vain.
I'll always go with you
To Strengthen and Sustain."

I said, "God, I'm convinced
That, I don't walk alone,
But there are days when I
Lack courage to go on."

God said, "Go on! Don't quit!
Remember, I love you;
Victory is just ahead
And I will see you through"

Always remember he hears our prayers. "I call to you, God, and you answer, me. Listen to me now, and hear what I say." Psalm 17:6

Kelly Bland said...

So glad to see the pics of you and the girls. You look so good! Hang in there. We are lifting you up in prayer.
Bill & Kelly, Sheyanne & Gracie

Anonymous said...

I was in Doha, Qatar visiting Chad when we heard from Alexis about this accident. Know that all around the world these young men have been in our hearts and prayers for God's healing powers.

Thank you to the one's that have remained steadfast to keep this blog updated. It is encouraging to hear of their continuing progress.

Gail Breeland

Anonymous said...

Trey and Tyler and families,
I want to let you know how much you have been on our hearts and minds these last few weeks. We have prayed that God would send special angels to care for you and that your families would be given an extra portion of peace and rest as they face the future. This accident has made me aware that we should never let a chance go by to encourage someone, to thank someone for a deed they have done, for we never know what tomorrow brings. Trey and Tyler I want to thank you for taking Seth under your wing and for being such great role models for him. He said that Tyler called the other night and it was so good to hear him and he sounded more like himself. Thank you for encourging him. He loves and misses you both. Tonya, I know that being at a hospital can get very tiring and the days can get very long. When Gerard was in the hospital in Dallas and when I would get down and my faith was weak a scripture would always come to mind.
Philippians 4:4-9 Says to Rejoice in the Lord. I shall say it agin, Rejoice. Your kindness should be known to all. The Lord is near. Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Finally brothers, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Keep on doing what you have learned then the God of peace will be with you. What a promise! We will continue to pray for you and your families. I know for sure that Gods peace will be with you all. I am standing on that promise.
Love to you all,
Dayle Kuehler

Janie said...

It's good to read of the constant improvements.Thanks so much for keeping us all updated. We're praying for y'all out here in West Texas! Steve and Janie Snelson

Anonymous said...

We're glad to hear all of the good news. Tyler, hang in there! We are continuing to pray for the entire Thompson and Cypert families.

Kevin, Christel, & Kayton Shahan

Anonymous said...

Thompson clan:

All of ya'll are continually in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy to hear about the great progress that Tyler and Trey are making. God is working really hard on ya'll. Tonya and Ronda stay strong for your husbands. I can't help but think of this song "YOU RAISE ME UP"....I think about the words.....

When I am down and oh my soul so weary; When troubles come and my heart burdened be; Then I am still and wait here in the silence, Until you some and sit awhile with me. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas; I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; You raise me up....To more than I can be.

I was singing this song in my head....good thing you couldn't hear me!!!! I love this song and words and what they mean at a time like this.

Love and Prayers for all
Leann Harlan

Anonymous said...

I can't help but finally add a comment. One, I want to thank all of you who continue to update this site to keep everyone informed. I too look at the progress each morning since the accident and sometimes more often than that. Second, I want all of you involved with the accident to know that there are thousands of us who are out here praying for you. Whether you were part of the accident itself or the numerous care givers after the fact, we are all proud of you and thankful that God has put you in the place to help in the ways you do. As I look each day at the number of people who have been to the site, I can't help but think of so many of us who wish we were closer to be able to help also. The Thompson family have all been such a part of so many people's lives, we wish we could be there to help you carry the burden. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily and I am continually thankful to God for all the positive progress so far and the continued healing to come. God bless you all.
Donna Welch
Amarillo, Tx

Carla Jones said...

Thompson Gang! All the news sounds so good! I know all our prayers have been heard. This site is such a wonderfull thing, we like so many others check it every day sometimes twice a day after visiting hours. We love you all and are so very happy that you Trey are doing so well. Sorry we missed you at the rodeo. Brittany said she saw you and true to your mannered self held the gate for her,even though you were the one who should have been helped instead of helping others, but really who would expect anything else. We will continue to pray for complete healing for you. Tyler you are really a trooper and want you to know that we lift you up daily and all your precious family too. Pa says you give that wife of yours a kiss as often as possible, because her,and the Lord ,and your family are what will see you thru .We pray all will continue to go well. God Bless all of you,Ma and Pa

Anonymous said...

praise god!! Can't tell ya'll how much we're thinking of ya'll. The strength is a miracle in itself!! Theres a reason this happened, for me its more than any first responder or firefighter could ever give me. Those guys are heros for doing what they do!! We do what we do cuase thats what we do!! But after the fact, is when we turn into heros! We've been fighting what we saw that day, everyday!! I'm a stronger man and stronger christan for that. Being with the Thompsons in Lubbock that day changed my life!! I'll never be able to thank them enough!! I Love Ya'll