Friday, June 20, 2008

Tyler's Best Day!!!

I just hung up the phone and I can't tell you how elated I feel. Tyler Thompson is on the way to total recovery. He sounded like a million $$$$$. His precious voice was music to my ears. He is the one who said, "This has been my best day!" He has kept all of his food down and was not light headed so was able to do his physical exercise. I understand now why everyone has been so excited when he called them. I have been to Lubbock several times but I never went in because there were always so many people to see him and I thought he needed to see his family so this was my first time to actually talk with him. I just can't thank God enough for answering our prayers.
Tyler told me that he is so blessed and he wanted to thank everyone for all their prayers because he has felt God's power and presence. He wants to thank everyone for all they have done.

Todd and Kelly are taking all of the kids to Lubbock tomorrow to see their Daddy and I know that will make Tyler feel even better to love on his kids.

Several of you have asked for the physical address of the hospital so you can send cards and notes. So here goes:
Tyler Thompson
University Medical Center (UMC)
602 Indiana Ave. Room 364A
Lubbock, Texas 79415



Anonymous said...


After reading the update just now, a song that came to my mind was Our God is an Awesome God.

How awesome it is to read that God is answering all of the prayers being said on your behalf. It is so wonderful to read how God is working on you each day. Just remember that HE will heal you according to HIS timeline, not ours. We know how anxious you must be to be back at home; but hang in there. You're almost to the finish line! We hope you are back home soon!

Ryan & Tara

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! We are soooo excited to hear this news! Ty, keep up the hard work and you will be home before you know it! We are so proud of you and happy for you! Have fun with your kiddos tomorrow.

Love ya,
Jason, Jae-Jae, Gage and Riley

Anonymous said...

Tyler & Tonya,
We are so happy for you!!!....I love the Lord because He hears and answers my prayers. Because He bends down and listens, I will pray as long as I have breath...Psalm 116:1-2 NLT Keep up the good work,,, We'll do our part on this end...Praying...Jimmy & Carlene

Anonymous said...

Way to go! You're smart to do that well on Friday, because you now have the weekend to rest up on!
hope you keep getting stronger and stronger!

Gary Snyder family
Seymour TX

Anonymous said...

Our God is so AMAZING! Can't tell you how happy I am to hear you're kick'in butt up there Tyler. Keep it up man, we're all thinking of you and praying! We love you buddy!
Shawnda and Cody
Lindy and Beverly

Ann Ogle said...

So, so happy for you, Tyler!!! 34 days and counting..............
My heart is dancing at your wonderful news. Hang in there!


Jan Roberts said...

Praying for Tyler in Georgia. Mother Nature gives us wonderful food in the summertime to heal our bodies. Blend fresh watermelon, seeds and all, in a blender and enjoy a refreshing and alkalizing drink. If you're still hungry, eat an avocado or two. Savor every bite and think how cool you are to be eating so well. Avocados and watermelon are the two most nutrient-rich foods you can put in your body for healing. All raw foods are full of oxygen which makes healing possible. Enjoy Saturday with your beautiful children.

Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers of Thanksgiving and for continued strength are coming your way from the Rockwell family in Houston. How far you both have come in the past few weeks. God is so gracious. Love to all of the Thompson family.
Vicki and Walter Rockwell

Kathie Ward said...

Wonderful news and great to see the day was a good one. I got to laughing yesterday at the thought that all the people reading this blog and knowing every time you can't keep your food down, made me think of how you must feel knowing how the whole lot of us must seem to "know a little tooo much information" well just think of it you do live in a small town and we know all and see all. But I know that everyone is truly behind you with all the support and blessings of prayers that you will be blessed with all that God can send your way. Can't wait for you to walk right up to my face and call me a nosey

Anonymous said...

We will keep praying that you continue to have more and more "Best Days"! Enjoy your precious children today and soon you will be home enjoying "Best Days" with them!!!!!! We will keep praying! To God be all the glory for your amazing progress! Love, Johnny, Nancy, & Birky

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler
We are coming to see you on Sunday. Call if we can bring anything. Can't wait to see your smiling face. Praying for you daily. Love Griz and Brenda

Anonymous said...

Tyler and Tonya,
Great news to hear!! My prayers are with you both and your family.
Hang in there!
Lisa Sherman

Anonymous said...


Praise God!! You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. I love getting on and seeing the updates. You are such an awesome man and I know that you are going to pull through this and be 100% before you know it. Keep up the great work.

Our prayers are with you also. If there is anything that we can do please don't hesitate to call us.

God Bless and Lots of Love
Quentin and Roni Gass