Tuesday, June 10, 2008


At 12:30 Tyler went in for surgery and they just brought him back to the ICU at 3:30PM.

They worked on his leg, a skin graft on his shoulder and parts of his arm.
All looks good.

We'll update this post again as soon as they talked to the doctors.


The Snyder Family said...

Hello Thompson clan:

Hope all has gone well with the surgery and hope that's it, at least for a time, so that you have some respite. You are lifted in intercessory prayers, daily.

The Snyders
Gary, Jeanne', Angela & Kelsie

Anonymous said...

All of our family is praying for Tyler and the skin graft at this time. Let him feel the lifting as we pray that he recovers with no problems, infections, fever and becomes better than new.
Just a note from Cooks where Dakota is..his count FELL from 8 to 3 yesterday, so things have been put off again.
Thank you all for your prayers for Dakota, and maybe tonight when I hear from David and Marti things will be better. Love to all...
Laura Franklin Powell

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that we are praying for a full recovery on the skin graphing and the work on his shoulder, leg and arm!!!!
Ty is such a fighter!! With the hands on of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, he will be better than new!! SOON!!!!!!
Hang in there guys and know that we love you all and will be checking in after awhile!!
Keep those heads up and stay strong for each other.
In our hearts and prayers,
Leslie Franklin and girls

Melody said...

I dont know any of you personally, but I want you to know that I have been praying for Trey and Tyler and their families since May 18th. I live in Delaware and my son was driving the semi. Today was the first I had learned of this blog, or I would have posted earlier. The pictures are very shocking, to say the least. Cory has been in the local fire dept. for 5 years and he told his dad, it was the worst accident he had ever seen. I just could not imagine, until I saw the pictures. It was difficult being so far away from Cory when this happened, but he has told me how "remarkable" everyone has been, and after reading the comments and posts on here I can understand exactly what he means. I just dont know what to say to the families, I am just so glad that in time Trey and Tyler are going to be ok. I also am praying for the young boy with hodgkins....Corys sister is about to turn 23 next week, she went through chemo for hogkins 2yrs ago, and fortunately, so far, it has not returned. Now that I know about this site, I will check on Trey and Tylers progress daily, and will continue to pray for all who were involved.