Monday, June 9, 2008

DAKOTA>>>Front and Center! PLEASE READ!

From Post:

"After reading the prayer request for Tyler's leg, I just had to cry, AGAIN. Then I read the latest post, and chills just filled me inside and out. Reading on, I read of faith, and really knowing that's where I need to grow as a Christian. Dakota's blood count that he needs to be 10 before the stem cell therapy can begin was at 2, and not budging. I just knew in my heart it wasn't going to move, that something else was going to have to happen. Sunday it was a 6 and today it was an 8. Only 2 points to go, but I was the one that was completely I feel that I've let him down. But, I'm working at it!! I'm praying!! I'm learning!! And I'm fasting for Tyler. It's never too late for any of us to learn or become more faithful. What a precious lesson to learn at this time in my life. Praise God!!!!!! Laura Franklin Powell"

Let's FAST for DAKOTA TOO!!! Laura, we are standing in the gap for you!! God bless you, precious Grandmother! We are all with you on this one!!!!

I just talked with Tonya and Tyler's leg is fine. His leg was swelling a bit so they did a doppler to rule out a blood clot and it came back clear.


Anonymous said...

Praise God! Now lets believe for Dakota

Anonymous said...

Dakota God is at hand and so near to you...He will be at your side through all of this...You are so blessed by all these people on this blog... God is Great.... Linda and Bob Moorhouse

Anonymous said...

Thompson Family...what a godly family you are... so many people love and care for you... God has answered so many prayer requests...and so much has been performed in the Lord's name for your family...we are all so blessed... Linda and Bob Moorhouse

Anonymous said...

Well, I opened up the blog this morning to see if we had any news, and shocked wasn't the word. Kacy, thank you baby...I'm at a loss, truly. I will have to post more later!! My Love, Laura Franklin Powell

Tammie said...

Tyler...just wanted to let you know that the kids are such a blessing to us at VBS this week! Hope you enjoy the picture of sweet Kendell being healed of her blindness.

I'm gonna miss our 'daddy cowboys' at the closing on Friday night.