Monday, June 9, 2008

Time to Press in...UPDATED

Tyler needs this surgery tomorrow so he can hurry up and be "Daddy" at home with his kids...he needs to be allowed to jump this hurdle and move forward. Please pray they don't delay the surgery...

Please let the infection be conquered in Jesus name!

THIS IS ANOTHER CALL TO FAST... for the surgery tomorrow... Word is his leg is OK. Please fast if you feel led...

Please join us in fasting until the surgery is done and Tyler is alright.

BY THE WAY...( in case you missed this miracle)

Trey can smell and taste, thank you very much! You see, with God all things are possible.
Ronda said his sense of smell worked "just fine"when he was holding a certain baby nephew with a stinky diaper! The doctor was amazed... Trey has another appointment this week.

We are just waiting and watching for God's next move...another miracle for Tyler.

And Trey,I saw a poster for the Terminator movie and he had a metal head... made me think of you... hahaha...


Trey, Ronda, and a "certain unnamed ex-Munday student"(not me) were watching Jay Leno the other night. He was doing his usual "Jay Walking"routine where they stop people on the street and ask questions that everyone is supposed to know. The question was, "Who was Lewis and Clark?" The girl on the street was stumped and paused for a while. Trey remarked, " Anybody who doesn't know that isn't an American!" The "certain unnamed ex-Munday student" thought for a moment then shouted, "I know! I know! It was SUPERMAN!"
( get it? Lois and Clark...) sigh- whew

Somebody was filing her nails during Mrs. McGuire's history class...

Ronda said that they laughed so hard that Trey's face hurt so bad she thought she was going to have to take him back to Lubbock... Thank God for laughter anyways!


Anonymous said...

Yeah,you'll be like the Terminator and the Million Dollar Man. The Thompson rodeo team will be unstoppable!

Fasting with you for Ty-Ty

Anonymous said...

You got it..........fasting...................Praying for you during the fast.

Anonymous said...

After reading the prayer request for Tyler's leg, I just had to cry, AGAIN. Then I read the latest post, and chills just filled me inside and out. Reading on, I read of faith, and really knowing that's where I need to grow as a Christian. Dakota's blood count that he needs to be 10 before the stem cell therapy can begin was at 2, and not budging. I just knew in my heart it wasn't going to move, that something else was going to have to happen. Sunday it was a 6 and today it was an 8. Only 2 points to go, but I was the one that was completely I feel that I've let him down. But, I'm working at it!! I'm praying!! I'm learning!! And I'm fasting for Tyler. It's never too late for any of us to learn or become more faithful. What a precious lesson to learn at this time in my life. Praise God!!!!!! Laura Franklin Powell

Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers! We check the website often and love to hear how great everything is going. We hope and pray you can come home soon!
Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

tami said...

Hey Trey and Tyler,
We are checking this blog several times a day. You both are very lucky young men to have God in your life and wonderful family. We are praying daily for all of you!!! Both your families are precious, we have enjoyed the pictures.
Conda, Tami(Belew), Kyler, and Ashlyn Richards