Sunday, June 1, 2008

Praise Report

Trey, Ronda and the girls were all in church this morning. God is a miracle working God and He is not finished with the Thompson boys. PRAISE GOD!

3:30 P.M. Cindy just called to say Tyler was having a better day. Tonya said it was his best day. He ask them how long he was going to have to be there. Tonya told him they said about 30 days at least and he shook his head NO. She explained that he had been there for 2 weeks already.

Cindy said she thought this is the first time that he realizes where he is and what is going on. Cindy and Larry went to church after they saw him this morning. They just felt like they needed to be in church. When they went in this afternoon his temp was back up a little. The nurses told them they were going to try and get him into the tank before so late today.

Cindy ask that we pray for patience and against depression because Tyler is not going to want to be there.

They are going to try and do both the front and back skin grafts tomorrow so we need to really pray that they will be able to do all of that. Tomorrow is another big hurdle.

Those of you who will please fast tomorrow and Praise God for what He has already done and what He is going to do.


Anonymous said...

We are checking in on you guys and still thinking of you and praying for you all the time!!! Tyler, hang in have always been so strong. Tonya, thank you for being such a wonderful, strong, loving wife to my friend. He needs you every step of the way. Larry & Cindy, thank you for making such a difference in so many people's lives, so that now we can all repay you a little with our prayers. I know God will continue to wrap his arms around every one of you. Love, Kendra & Brad Bevel

jackie said...

Count on me, Wilma!!

Sandra Jones said...

The Thompson family is in my thoughts and prayers and will be especially so tomorrow for Tyler and his wife. Stay strong and trust in the Lord. Sandra Jones Seymour, Texas

Anonymous said...

Just finished a conversation with Juanita Nelson and heard about the terrible accident. We know our Lord is always there for us. All of you are in our prayers. Love. Randy and Julie Hollar San Marcos, Texas.

Anonymous said...

As I sit here listening to the music playing from this site, I have no doubt that our Father is in control. My prayer for all of you is for peace to reign though every moment. You have been the hands and feet of Christ to so many. You walk your faith each and every day, and it is evident to all you know you. Stay strong in the Lord....He is our strength!

God bless each one of you,
Jason, Lanesa, and Chloe

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!! for the miracles we have read about these past two weeks, we serve a MIGHTY GOD....My prayers will be with Tyler & Tonya tomorrow, I pray Tyler's surgery will go well. Cindy & Larry, you are amazing, those are your baby boys, I can only imagine what you are going through, but God is right there holding you up.
Love, Prayers & Peace,
Sue King Seymour, TX

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronda & Trey, who but you would be in church the day after coming home. Thank God for laying His hands on you, His healing hands.
Ronda, you have the sweetest smile, that picture just blew me away. You guys have touched so many people these past two weeks, what a witness for our Lord & Savior. So glad your home with those precious little girls.

Love, Prayers & Peace,
Sue King

kathie ward said...

Whenever there's a problem,
Wherever there's dispair
Just bow your head in prayer and know
That God will always be there.

When things look bleak and dreary,
When it seems that no one cares,
Have faith, my friend, in our Lord
And he will answer all your prayers.

I know sometimes it's hard,
Things don't seem to work out right,
But it truly is quite pointless
To kick or scream or fight.

When you really need an answer,
On HIM you can depend.
Only FAITH can move a mountain -
So, have FAITH in God, my friend!