Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Kodak Moment

Today, Tyler got a special treat...

He was surprised with a special visit from his kids, Kendall, Madison, Bryce, and Trevor. All those there said that was a special day (very emotional for everyone involved). This is the first time that he has had a chance to be with his kids since the wreck...

We were told that Tyler had lots of friends around him today as well. It sounds like today was the kind of day that will be a sweet memory for all.

This is a great milestone and Tyler, we believe that you will be home very soon.

We are all rooting for you!

Thanks Kathy for the pics...


Anonymous said...

Tyler, you look awesome. I have chills and tears getting to see the pictures of you and the girls.
I check the posts all the time and so amazed and thankful for continued good reports. What a mighty God we serve.
We are praying for you buddy and know that you will be home soon.

Love ya,
Brad, Missy, Karsten and Charis Chambers

Stephanie said...

Tonya & Tyler -
Wow what a reunion. I know you both must have been so very thankful. We continue to pray for all of you!
God is so good.

Love -
Stephanie (Pepper) Ehlers

kathie ward said...

This is so wonderful to see I know this was a blessed day for each and every one of this family. The children seem to always be left out of visiting and this is what they need to see that all is well and they don't have to just imagine the worst. Keith was at Allsups today and it was great to see him looking so good and going on with the everyday stop at Allsups, soon and very soon it will be all the old Cowboys back in action. Waiting and still praying for that day. Tyler I still have that burrito with your name on it!

Anonymous said...

Thompson Family & Friends,
I am happy and grateful to see Trey and Tyler's Physical Progress each day. I have been watching the website since I returned home from Texas last week. I learned of the accident from my home in Montana a few days after. I am a physical therapist, but spend time out of my summers to help on wheat harvest. I have worked for Mike Strunk off and on for the past 10 years each summer. I was in Rhineland, Munday and Seymour last week. I have known Ron Lawerance for a long time and had a chance to speak with him and even had the great opportunity to meet one of Trey's daughters at dinner one night in the field. I have looked at all the accident pictures and am horrified of the sceene and what all those men had to go through that awful day. I know that the physical injuries will heal and the emotional struggles will take time. The best healing powers come from God, Family and Friends.

Bob Botkin Family (Missoula, MT)

Anonymous said...

You look great!!! Tears of joy are in my eyes for you and your entire family......hang in there.


Jeremy and Vicki said...

Tyler and Tonya,
What a blessed sight to see. I know the girls were excited to see for themselves that their daddy is really o.k. I can only imagine how great it was for you,Tyler. Tonya the strength you have shown through this is truely amazing. I know it is something neither of you ever imagined having to go through but faith in God and each other has shone through in both of you. Hang in there Tyler and try to be a good patient if possible. Blessings to you! Jeremy and Vicki

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Aww... love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

God is good...all the time! It is an honor to be allowed to see the miracles that God is working every day. You are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
Jason, Lanesa, and Chloe

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler and Tonya,
What awesome pictures. I think we all needed to see them. You guys are amazing and we're all just in awe of what you must be going through. Hang in there, can't wait until Tyler gets to go home.
Love ya, Shanna

Anonymous said...

You look great, wish I could have said hello the other day. Had a good visit with Larry. We will keep the prayers going.

Danny Neskorik

Jeremy & Brittany Lowe said...

Thompson Family,
Wow! God is amazing! We read the blog many times daily to keep up with your progress. God has already worked many many miracles in the both of you! We will contine to pray for his mightly healing in the both of you!
We were one of the firsts to come upon the wreck immediately after it happened. We were on our way to Brittany's brothers' confirmation, and for some reason we left home extremely early to get out there. (We are never early to anything by the way!) God had it planned for us to be there and we cannot even describe how fast God went to work that day. It was the hardest most emotional thing we had ever experienced. It was amazing to see how fast people responded and started helping out. God truly had his hand on everything that afternoon.
We were truly inspired by Keith's heroism that afternoon. When we arrived, it was hard to recognize Keith due to the cuts on his face. He never stopped to worry about himself, he kept fighting to help Trey and Tyler. Keith, you truly are a hero. It was and is very obvious the love and admiration that you have for the Thompson family.
Please know that you all are in our prayers and we continue to pray for you.
Jeremy and Brittany Lowe

Anonymous said...

A beautiful sight to behold. I can't stop praising God. I am so thankful for His Love, Mercy and Grace. God is blessing you every day and many of us are watching it unfold. Thanks so much to Kacy and Wes for building this blog so the "world" can see the work of God. Wilma

Anonymous said...

Dear Thompson Family,

Just wanted you to know we have been thinking of you. We are praying for a speedy recovery for Tyler and a continued healing for Trey and Keith. And ... we can't forget about those two PRECIOUS gals-Tonya and Ronda. May His deep love and understanding give you courage at this time.

Praying for you and keeping you close to our hearts-
Stan, Raquel, Tess, and Addison

Anonymous said...

What a true blessing. We are so happy for all of you. I know that the visit meant alot to all of you. We continue to pray for healing and comfort for all of you. Our love, Jay and Misty Fronterhouse and kids

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to hear the girls finally got to see their daddy. These pics are very touching.

You look good Tyler. I am so glad you are doing better.

Tonya if you need anything, please let me know.

Love ya'll


Anonymous said...

What they say about a picture is so very true, isn't it? I still can't look at the pictures and listen to that beautiful, haunting melody without crying!! Just beautiful, touching feelings this must bring out in everyone as I keep seeing different messages, but, in essence, the same feelings. We are still praying unceasingly for all three of the boys as we pray for our Dakota.
I can't believe how many hits this site has taken...just unbelievable. GOD IS GOOD!!!!
Love to all, Laura Franklin Powell and Family.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, it must have been a "walk on water kind of day" for you, Tonya, and your children. I know it must have given you such a boost to see your kids and I know your girls were feeling so much better after seeing their dad and to talk to you to be reassured that you are getting better and better. Praise be to our God. You just keep improving so you can be home with all of them soon. Our prayers will continue for you and Trey until we witness a full recovery. Love ya, Charlotte

Spencer said...

All I can say is "that's what life is all about" is having your closest loved ones coming to see you after not being able to for weeks. It makes you think that everyday is special and you can't take them fro granted.