Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another need for prayer...

My good friend, Remelle Ferrar, the new Knox County Community Director, has a nephew named Keaton. We are already praying for a few guys having difficult times (Arron, The Boys, and Dakota) so I thought that while we are on our knees for these we can add another.
Here is what Remelle wrote to me:

Hello everyone,
As I told some of you last week, Keaton had a very rough week with his blood counts being scary low and horrible sores in his mouth and throat etc. Katy, (his Mom) suggested he should write something about his cancer. She was hoping he could blow off some steam or maybe put down his thoughts in a way that would let those of us who care about him identify a little better as we who haven't been
there can't possibly understand how it feels to be diagnosed, have cancer or go through chemo. What we got instead is SO MUCH MORE. As you can imagine, being a 14 year old boy, he resisted the whole idea of voluntarily writing anything, at first. But, then he decided to write a book. With Keaton's permission I'm sending you the first chapter. Fair warning, it is not what you are expecting. You can learn a lot, but not necessarily about cancer. Grab a Kleenex first. Oh, and I have made no grammatical or spelling corrections and he hasn't edited it, this is just as it spilled out when he sat down to write.

Keaton is 14 and a student at Crowell. Please read his story and PRAY FOR GOD TO DO MIRACLES for him the way He has already done for the Thompsons.


Anonymous said...

Keaton has insight and wisdom that some may never reach. Prayers are being lifted for you and that blood count.

Jeanne' Snyder
Seymour TX

Anonymous said...

Praise God for he is good...all the time. God has done so many healing miracles I know that Tyler will be home soon and he and Trey will be back 'back in the saddles' that they love.
Keaton, I am praying for you also.
I do have a prayer request. My grandson, Jackson Reo was born June 19 in Dallas. He had a diagnosis of pulmonary valve atresia. He immediately went to NICU and then on to CV-ICU at Children's Hosp.
We knew the diagnosis about 1 mo. before birth and I have been standing strong in the promises of God. Every time the docs came out, they would say, 'well, it's not as bad as we thought'! Yeah, and thank you Jesus! But, He did have to have his pulmonary valve opened up, which they did Friday morning (6/20) and then Sat. they took him off a med that was assisting his body in keeping his oxygen saturation levels up. His levels went down some Sun. and they did a sono of his heart to see if there was any blood flow through the valve into the right ventricle (which at birth was very small and the docs said with the blood flowing into it, it could expand and become a size that could support his body in time.
I stood in the room while the doc was doing the sonogram praying over Jackson for perfect heart function and good blood flow and at first the doc said it wasn't working. Chad is really stressed! And by the way Autumn (Mom) is really having a hard time because Jackson was 10 lb 6 oz and 23 in long and he was NOT a C-Section!
So...after about one hour...the doc was winding up his cords on the machine and Chad asked if he (the doc) thought the shunt (for the blood flow) would be scheduled fairly soon.....and he said, actually, the last picture I got showed pretty good blood flow!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! AND Jackson's 02 sat went up to 93!!! (it was going down into the 60's.)
Now, if Jackson can hold his O2 sats up in the mid 80's, they will call it successful and as soon as he is stable (which might be up to 4 weeks per the docs, Chad and Autumn can take their baby home. This type of diagnosis can require many surgeries early in please stand in agreement with me for a miracle healing for this baby. Thank you Jesus, because you covered him with Your blood!!!
Here is a link for Jackson:
Thanks for your prayers. I know that we will have the same success as Trey and Tyler.
Glenna Decker

Kacy said...

Glenna, Jackson is on our prayer list at church...we didn't know he was here already! We will add him to our roster of boys... Tell Chad and Autumn that we are here if they need anything!

Anonymous said...

Keaton, I have heard about you through your teacher, Mrs. Lowe. She says you are a very good young man and very brave. We pray that you will be better soon.