Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lookin' for something? Need peace?

Perhaps you are visiting this site and you feel a stirring in your spirit... Is there something about this site that tells you that there is MORE to life than what you are living?

We want you to know that the PEACE that we have been given for the recovery of Trey and Tyler is NOT from us. The God of Peace gives those who know him a supernatural reassurance that we depend on. There is an old song that says it well: On Christ the solid Rock I stand/ All other ground is sinking sand.

Once you surrender your whole life to Jesus, you will also be given the Peace that passes all understanding...

For more information, we have created a site that details more about God and His Amazing Grace.
You can contact someone for more information. All calls and emails will be confidential.

Also, let me urge you to seek out a local church, I say with confidence that every church in Munday is blessed with caring and sincere believers who can help you. If you aren't in Munday, I know there are tons of great churches out there...

Words from another song:

All I once held dear, built my life upon
all this World reveres and wars to own
all I once thought gain, I have counted loss
Spent and worthless now, compaired to this...

Knowing you, Jesus, Knowing you
There is no greater thing!

And personally, I can say that there is no greater thing. God saved me and it has made all the difference.

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Anonymous said...

Tyler and all the Thompson's,
I hope you all enjoyed your time out! I am sure it was something that was much needed by all of you esp. Tyler! I check this site all the time to see how Trey and Tyler are doing it seems like you are both doing really good! Those prayers really do work, we have an awesome GOD who really does listen to us and he is always there when we need him. Tyler, I hope you and Trey continue on the path that you are on which is the HEALING one! Take care!
Happy early 4th of July!!