Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Talked to Tonya

She says that Tyler's surgery will happen tomorrow at 10:30 am and they will work on his arm and his back. After the surgery, he will not go back to rehab but into the step-down unit of the burn unit. If all goes well (drum roll,please), Tyler will COME HOME FRIDAY! What a great way to celebrate the 4th of July.

He had a great weekend, Tonya said. He was able to eat out twice. He ate seafood one night and Chinese...

This is the last obstacle before his long-awaited homecoming. Cindy is very concerned about therapy at home. She knows it will be a new kind of journey when he gets back.



Anonymous said...

I am so amazed by the flood of praying, giving and caring...this has been an inspiring journey for me see what God has intended and gives each of us hope for our lives and those of us who believe that he will sustain us through all trials and are all exceptional set a great example and believe so sincerely have such great things ahead for you ...please keep Amy and Chad's friend in your prayers. Lycretia and her daughter Katsy..they will need everyones help in dealing with the loss of their husband and father Chris Atkins.... Linda Moorhouse

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD! We are waiting on that great Praise and Worship celebration when you get home!!!!!!!!!! Know that we lift you up in prayer unceasingly!!We thank God in advance for what we know He is going to do for you with this LAST surgery..If there is ANYTHING we can do to help you when you get home....or anytime..Please let us know!! God's greatest blessings to you all! Love you guys, Kobe, Jimmy & Carlene