Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ronda Thompson

Ronda Thompson submitted a powerful comment so I took the liberty to move it to the main blogsite:

God gives us the Keys to the Kingdom and prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have. Thank you Kacy for adding to this site the needs of others as praying for one another is an awesome privilege. Anyone can pray anytime, anywhere. I would like to add John Mark Wilde, 3 year old son of Ronda Cook. John Mark is recovering from open lung surgery due to accidentally falling into a dirty swimming pool. John Mark is doing O.K. but will be in Covenant Hospital in Lubbock for a few more days.

None of us know what the future holds but we do know WHO holds the future. Trusting God to answer our prayers is where faith comes in, I loved the quote "Prayer, of course, is not a means of getting what we want from God, but getting what God wants to be done here on earth." I do know that prayer changes things.

We are so thankful to all the prayer warriors who have been holding Trey, Tyler, Keith, and our families up over the past 5+ weeks. I was so blessed by Keaton's words, if you haven't read his link yet, do so as you will be blessed. We're standing in for you brother.

Glenna, we are lifting you, Chad, Autumn, and Jackson up and he will be healed in the name of Jesus. Dakota, you and your family are in our prayers, we pray for healing, strength, most of all HIS peace that passes ALL understanding and to your Grandma Laura, He will never leave you or forsake you. Arron's family, we know that with God, ALL things are possible. Glenna Shahan, you are in our prayers, God is in control. Gilbert and family, we're at the foot of the cross on your behalf, our hearts hurt with yours, I will always think of Trevor every morning "Good morning...". I also want to pray Lord for your hedge of protection around Mike, his family, and crew, I pray for a safer, productive, blessed harvest season.

We believe that the next time the Dr. checks Tyler's elbow and back that he will be in awe and know You did it God. We also pray for peaceful slumber for Ty-Ty. Thank you Lord for Trey's miraculous healing.

To you Keith, God equips us for His purpose, it was not by chance that you were there that day. We will never forget what you did to save our guys, you are our hero. You and your family always have been and always will be in our prayers...neighbors by chance, friends by choice--however, I do believe it was a part of God's plan that we are neighbors and not by chance, I just like that quote.

We are all blessed to be a blessing. Our love and prayers to all of you who check on us daily. Keep praying, it is working. There is no way we will ever be able to pay all this love forward, but the journey is an adventure, one we can all travel on together. May 18,2008 is a day we will never forget. My favorite song is playing, "Blessed be Your Name"...thank you Lord for giving them back to us...every blessing you pour out I turn back to praise. Thank you God, for being in all the details...how Great You Are. Thank you for our treasured family, friends and those we will never meet here but care enough to talk to You on our behalf.


Anonymous said...

tyler and Tonya
We sure enjoyed the visit Sunday. It was a picker up for Keith and me Tyler we love you so much. Keith was so happy coming home he always peps up when he sees you I have seen that everytime we come up there I wish we could come everyday. You hang in there you will be riding the range before long.Hang in there and keith will take care of things here that has been his therapy through all of this to stay busy and be able to help yall out. We love yall


Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone!!!

What a wonderful Man He is!!! My gosh Trey......You look sooo great!!! The pictures say it all!! You have healed to perfection!!! How great is our God!!!! Still praying for you sweetie!!
Tyler is right behind you too!!! Won't be long til he is right there by your side!! Tyler.....the prayers are still coming in baby!! Wish I could be there, but my girls keep me sooo busy over here in Midland. Keep up the awesome work!!! I know it's hard, but stay strong and keep your head up!!!
To all the others that are in need of prayer.....I am praying for you all!!!
Please continue to pray for my sister Laura and my nephew Dakota!!!
Laura is home now!Please pray for a full recovery!!
God bless each of you.
In God's name,
Leslie and girls

Sue King said...

Ronda, I mailed you a card this morning. I ask a favor of you, I feel you are quite a bit closer to our Lord than myself. I will appreciate if you will pray for me.

I love you,