Sunday, June 1, 2008

Deserving of a Public Post

I don't know if anyone missed this comment, but just in case I wanted to put it front and center...

Thompson Family
As I sit here and read the comments people have left and the beautiful music that is on it I cry each time I read all of these. Keith loves this family sometimes I think more then his own. He worship every step Tyler and Trey have taken. He has told me many nights how he would have lost his own life for them. I tell him that God gave him the strength to get them out alive. He has cried many tears saying what if mom I had broke my legs or been unconcsious. I tell him God was with all of them that day.I have to tell about the time when keith was little and someone asked him what his name was he told them Keith Thompson we still laugh about that. Tyler and Trey are Keith's hero they took him and showed him a great life as he is growing up. He had to write a paper in 3rd grade and one of the questions was who his hero was well guess what he put Trey Thompson. He lives on every word they say and he has learned to become a good person through them. He always comes home and talks about how good Cindy Kelly Ronda And Tonya cook. He told me the other day well we got 50 percent home now we need Tyler to come home for the 100 percent. He says I know Tyler will be home soon. He has had a lot of sleepless nights but he is dealing with it in his own way. He reads this sight every night before he goes to bed. The Thompson family just know our arms are wrapped around you at all times. Thank you everyone for the prayers keep them up they do help a lot.
We love all of you.

The Gary Cypert Family


Anonymous said...

Praise God indeed!!!! You were used in His timing. I have read this blog every night as well and I am i deep prayer for this familly and you. I will not stop!God bless you Keith!
Anna Leathers

WES said...

Love it!!! I agree, this 'comment' deserved front and center.

Thanks for letting us in a little closer to this redemptive story of honor, trust and strength.

Stuff like this is what makes life so good.

I'm with you Keith, 100 percent, come home.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Keith! We are soo very proud of you. I read this quote just today but it didn't say who said it but I believe it is appropriate for the occasion.
"The worst thing that happens to you can be the best thing for you, if you don't let it get the best of you."
Just remember that God loves you and all of the extended family of the Thompsons love you more than you will ever know. You are a hero to us. wilma hogan

Anonymous said...

Kacy, thank you for keeping us up to date on what to pray for. Keith, it was truely an honor to meet you at the rodeo in Eagle. Continue to trust in the Lord for your strenght. Thompson family, your team represented you with class this weekend. We are praying for all of you daily.
Kenny and Karla Yoder

Anonymous said...

For those of you who do not know, The Thompson Ranch won the Vail Rodeo this past weekend. Team memebers were Trey Propps, Eric Hager, Keith Cypert and Seth Kuehler. They are now qualified for the World Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo Tx in November.The Team goal was to win this for Tyler and Trey. Gary Cypert went with the boys and filled in for Big Rancher "Larry". Larry Gary said you would have been proud of the boys how they stepped up and took care of business.Keith was also named Top Hand of the Rodeo.

Janie said...

God bless you, Keith and your parents!

What a strong young man...well done, good and faithful servant.

The Waite Family said...

My family also competed in Eagle this last weekend at the Ranch Rodeo and I can tell you that there were several moments that moved us to tears. The boys performed with a purpose and they won that rodeo for Trey and Tyler. Their shirts had "With God all things are possible" embroidered on them as well as Trey and Tyler's names. I believe they were with them and helped them to win this rodeo.
Larry-you would have been so proud of them!

Keith-Congratulations on your Top Hand award. You should know that you are not only the "Top Hand" at the rodeo but you are the Thompson Ranch Families "Top Hand". This is quite an honor for a cowboy such as you. Cowboys are a special breed of people and you have two of the best as your mentors. There is a honor in holding this title-be proud!

God Bless you!!
Daryl, Tina, Jessica, Chance and Caleb Waite
Hugo, CO